San Juan to Makati


Globe Broadband

April 20-25

I have recorded the times that I’ve reported no connection to Globe, including ref number, date of first report, name of Globe rep who took the call:

3246012 11/18/09
3363842 12/8/09 Francis
Tom 12/11/09 3410191
12-17-09 JO 3451336 trina
1-1-10 JO David 3531648
jo 3964061 tonton 3-3-10
jo 3993681 3-7-10
ref no 4011309 3-9-10

So my Globe Broadband was down 8 times since November, but each time, after a couple of on-offs of the modem, the connection would come back.

This April’s “facility repair” was so uncharacteristic of Globe, even Perry said so.

It was the first time that even the line was down.

Excluding the short downtimes,  that’s 6 whole days since November, or the past 6 months, or about a day per month.

I had started thinking of shifting to another provider, but who?  I had said a bitter goodbye to PLDT.  Perry had shifted from the more expensive and inefficient Destiny to GlobeSmart and Sky are unreachable from our house.  The online reviews on Wi-Tribe are not great.

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