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Men’s Tennis Shoes

Posted in sports,tennis by yangiwei on February 19, 2010
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EFY is looking for Nike Air-type tennis shoes, because they’re comfortable.  He went to three shops in Trinoma, including Nike, where he found the shoes uncomfortable and expensive.

VR posted this reply to my inquiry on his wall: “Get him an Adidas Featherlite or Barricade.  There are a lot of models to choose from and they are durable.  If he prefers lighter shoes, get Reebok.  If fashion conscious, choose Nike.  If he is a Nadal fan, get Babolat.  If a Federer fan, get Nike hahahaha!”

VR said that the stores that stock all these shoes are Adidas, Nike, Olympic Village and Toby’s.  He said that there’s still an Olympic Village in Galleria.  Isn’t Olympic Village the only store that classifies products per sport instead of per brand?  I like.

I went to Robinson’s Galleria department store yesterday.  No Featherlite or Barricade.  Nike had under-P 3,000 gum sole shoes, which I pointed out to the salesman, was for indoors only.  E said that he usually plays indoors anyway.  Sure, but he also uses his tennis shoes for hikingNike cross-trainers were priced at P 4,000+.  Reebok‘s shoes cost

P 2,000+.