San Juan to Makati

St. Luke’s Global’s ER

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I went there to see my endocrinologist, Dr. Joy Fontanilla.

The dinner table talk was about how good St. Luke’s Global looks.

It was very relaxing to be here. For how long will it be this way?

Also about a boy who collapsed while lightly throwing a baseball to and from someone else, at Polo Club.  After some time, a parent came in and brought him to St. Luke’s Global.

The boy’s mom is an OB and the dad is an ICU specialist.  The dad instructed the ER on what to do, because the nurses and doctors didn’t know what to do.  The boy was in a coma for more than a week, I think, cause unknown.

What does ‘flummox’ mean?

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Thought you’d want to add to your Winter Olympics vocabulary.

The halfpipe article also had ‘flummoxes:

“Bright’s run, punctuated by a trick called a switch backside 720, a perplexing double rotation with a blind landing that flummoxes all her competitors, scored 45.0 out of 50 points.”


What is a Halfpipe?

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What is a half-pipe?  I first met the term in the New York Times headline, “Torah Bright Wins Women’s Halfpipe,” even though I’ve been watching a bit of the Winter Olympics every few days.

JK said that she didn’t realize that friends were going to Canada for the Olympics, even though the event is in the papers everyday.

More than a decade ago, I used to email and post on our washroom wall, a list of vocabulary words that friends and family enjoyed.

I plan to continue this list in this blog.  When you see the word, try to think of what it means, then look at the context, then look up the meaning.

Men’s Tennis Shoes

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EFY is looking for Nike Air-type tennis shoes, because they’re comfortable.  He went to three shops in Trinoma, including Nike, where he found the shoes uncomfortable and expensive.

VR posted this reply to my inquiry on his wall: “Get him an Adidas Featherlite or Barricade.  There are a lot of models to choose from and they are durable.  If he prefers lighter shoes, get Reebok.  If fashion conscious, choose Nike.  If he is a Nadal fan, get Babolat.  If a Federer fan, get Nike hahahaha!”

VR said that the stores that stock all these shoes are Adidas, Nike, Olympic Village and Toby’s.  He said that there’s still an Olympic Village in Galleria.  Isn’t Olympic Village the only store that classifies products per sport instead of per brand?  I like.

I went to Robinson’s Galleria department store yesterday.  No Featherlite or Barricade.  Nike had under-P 3,000 gum sole shoes, which I pointed out to the salesman, was for indoors only.  E said that he usually plays indoors anyway.  Sure, but he also uses his tennis shoes for hikingNike cross-trainers were priced at P 4,000+.  Reebok‘s shoes cost

P 2,000+.

Site automatically posts link

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After publishing the Nestea post, I checked my hyperlink to Spike Hard, intending to post a link to the post.  To my surprise, there was already a link to my post!  How did Spike Hard do that?

Here’s the a link to the Nestea site.

What is the first sugary drink to link itself to sports?  Certainly, if I remember correctly, Milo has been doing sports clinics for a while.  I remember Nestea as a beach volleyball sponsor.  Am I right?

The other sugary drink that comes to mind is Coke with its celebrity endorser on a bike.  What’s his name?  Sirit na?  His first name is Paolo.  Sirit pa rin?   Not Bediones.  One more try?   It’s Paolo Abrera.

Nestea Fit Camp Hot to be Launched

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Learned about Nestea Fit Camp Hot from a nuff nang email.  Got the details from Spike It Hard, which I found through yahoo search.  Photo from Spike It Hard, too.

Not going because it will be at the Bonifacio Open Field.  Translation: hot!  As in mainit.

Why I stopped playing badmin

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This is an FAQ in my life, so I’ve decided to post the latest email exchange here on the subject, as my press release:

Another PT asked my PT what my problem was.  My PT replied, Lahat.

It came to a point where I was spending half a day twice or thrice a week at therapy, could hardly work na.

I still want to go back, but I’m bracing myself for the consequences.

I really miss badmin.  I have a hard time watching it on TV.  A few years ago, my mom brought home a badmin mag.  She thought that it would make me happy.

Thanks for asking.

Please see attached (photo of Greenhills Badminton Center).

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 1:14 AM:

Hmm, BTW, why is that? I mean, y did u give up playing back then? Pansin ko na u wer enjoying urself naman.


On 07/02/2010, at 7:33 PM:

Thanks.  Will keep you in mind when I finally go back to playing.  I’m toying around with the idea.  I last played in 2006.

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 1:23 AM:
Tell u what, if u have regular badminton games sa

Open at 6 am

I saw a woman with a badmnton racquet go up the stairs, so I asked her what time GBC was open.

area,, pls let me know and I’ll drop by and play.

Photo taken last February 8.  The lady I spoke with opened GBC.

Here’s a link that mentions tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, an injury which of course I had: