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Cloudy Yesterday

Posted in astronomy,lunar eclipse,partial lunar eclipse,science by yangiwei on June 27, 2010
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Ed of the UP Observatory/PAGASA said this morning that they spotted the eclipse around quarter to nine.

Did anyone spot the eclipse last night?  I tried to look for the moon before 5, and at least after Don’t forget the lyrics (before 7 pm), two NCIS episodes (before 8 and 9), then gave up.  I was sleepy, it rained pa.  It also didn’t help that my Canon Ixus could not photograph the beautiful blue sky anymore, even with a flash.  Or maybe I don’t know how to configure its settings.  Or maybe it takes an SLR to take photos of eclipses.  A friend told me that my flash can only take me so far, so I had to go close to my friends to take photos of them dancing at Bykes.

The sky had been bluer last Thursday and Friday, than in this photo.

Anyway, I remembered that, when my Nepalese friend Niraj and I went to PAGASA UP last year, the lady there told us that Niraj could take photos of the telescope images.  She said that there are no astronomers in the Philipppines, that she’s a weather forecaster, but there were plans for someone from abroad to go to UP and offer a short seminar, I think, which she plans to attend if it were to push through.

Since the eclipse was supposed to start around 4:51 pm, I started looking for the eclipse 5ish.

I had one star sighting, but I did not see this star an hour or so before or after.  Like my last attempt at sky-gazing last year, last night was “maulap,” as Ed of UP Observatory/PAGASA told me this morning.  I wonder if he lives there, since he also took my call yesterday.

Niraj and I tried to go back to PAGASA one last time before he left for Nepal, but it was raining, so we cancelled our trip.

Seeing nothing in the sky, I could just imagine the dismay of everyone who went all the way to Antipolo for the photography contest.  You just have to tell yourself that you would go to Seven Suites just for the ambience, anyway.  Same with going to UP.  Just head to Adarna–my Maven Secrets classmate Jhoey Hernandez‘s reco.  I just learned now, that Chateau Verde has closed down.  Oh no!   I’ve been wanting to go to Albergus for years.  I have a friend who used to live in the area, who is now based in Singapore.  Before he left, we went to Trellis, my first time to go there, also on Jhoey‘s reco.  Maybe when he gets back, we can go to Adarna.

The advantage of going to an observatory would be taking photos through the telescope.

The Inquirer seemed silent on this eclipse, but I found an article warning people that it would be too cloudy to see an earlier eclipse.

I still hope to see the next eclipse, solar or lunar.