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I joined Robinsons Land

Posted in real estate,work by yangiwei on July 18, 2010
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Call your recruiter upon arrival.

My friend met a Robinsons Land Sales Manager who was looking for Account Managers.  She asked me if I was interested to apply.  Robinsons is developing Magnolia Residences, which we thought would be sellable to the ICA-Xavier market.  There was an allowance of P 8,000 a month for three months, with a quota of P 7,000,000, which is a unit.  I said that I would like to help the Sales Manager.  We later learned that Magnolia was not one of the focus projects, that the focus projects were in Valero, the Valle 1 area, and Lourdes Drive.  Great locations!  There was even the option of including Kenneth Cobonpue designs in one’s unit!  This means that although we could earn commission for sales, sales from non-focus projects would not be credited to the quota.

A real estate broker said not to judge a developer by their office.

The Robinsons Land Grand Showroom is on Level 1, near Yellow Cab.  I was told to go to Level 2, but the lady guard by the elevator and the elevator lady told me that it was on Level 1.  I went down some stairs to get to the showroom.  I later asked the Sales Manager if this used to be Mercury Drug.  She said that Mercury Drug was at the other end, that this office used to be JG Summit.

My real estate broker contact said that the Landco offices did not look good, but Puntafuego does.

The first thing that struck me about the showroom was how good it looked.  Being a Gokongwei office, I had expected something more basic.  There was a little roach in one of the comfort rooms–room, not cubicle, mind you, but real estate broker CYdA said that, even though cleanliness should be a basic thing that can be easily done, that she assesses a developer by its developments, not by its offices.

At least, there was no line in the bathroom.

At the end of the day, I became a realty associate, which meant that I could become an Account Manager after I close a sale.  Fair enough.

The best part of the application process had to do with transferring and altering photos.