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M. Paterno Motorcycle Accident

From the time that our maid Kim heard a boom, the police were on the scene in about four minutes, she said.

About four months since an M. Paterno car accident, another accident happened around the same part of M. Paterno.

After the police arrived, Kim estimated that Rescue arrived about five to six minutes later.--8:30:40 pm.

Kim said that she heard that the motorcycles tried to avoid a jeep.

Rescue came from the N. Domingo direction.--8:33:10 pm.

I had heard sort of a bang.  I thought that a rickety truck had hit a pothole.

Kim said that the guy in fatigue shorts lifted the motorcycle off the rider.--8:33 pm.

Then our maid Caymen told my dad that there was an accident.

Kim said that Rescue slashed the semi-conscious man's pants, maybe to check for injuries.--8:35:06 pm.

Kim said that she did not see our neighbors call anyone.  She thinks that the passing motorcycles had gone to the police station at the corner of M. Paterno and Alfonso XIII.

The injured man moved a bit but did not seem conscious.--8:37 :46 pm

Like what our neighbor Boopsie Erana said after the last accident, there should be humps on M. Paterno.  Or those lines that slow down vehicles.  What do you call them?  Speed cushions?

As the area around the injured man was dark, I was afraid that he would get run over.--8:38:08 pm.

What about a speed limit?

Someone tried to stop Mr. Fatigue Shorts from pulling the motorcycle off the rider.--8:38:54 pm.

It doesn’t help that the street light that we lost from the last car accident has not been restored and the next street light was on and off, said our maid Meya.

Why are there so many accidents this year on M. Paterno?--8:39:10 pm.

ASUY said that the reason why there are so many accidents is that the road is now smooth asphalt unlike before, when it was dirt and pebbles.

This is the street light nearest the accident.--8:47:26 pm.

M. Paterno is the Commonwealth of San Juan.

Chips, what happened to the claim?--8:47:45 pm.

M. Paterno Car Accident

I heard that San Juan, not Meralco, will take care of the post.

I had told Chips Villanueva that he would need to pay for depreciation.  Arpee Yson of Asia Insurance sent me this email:

Schedule of depreciation are usually indivated in the policy, pls. review his policy and its clearly stated there, anyway the standard percentage are as follows;
Age of Vehicle                           Rate of Depreciation  for  brandnew parts
(share of the insured)
up to 3 years                                               nil
over 3 years up to 4 years                            20%
over 5 years up to 6 years                            25%
over 6 years up to 7 years                            35%
over 7 years                                                40%
Batteries, tires, ball joints, tie rods                45%
shock absorbers