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Playing Taboo

Posted in Christmas,games,holidays,non-working,parties by yangiwei on December 27, 2010

Mox posted another Taboo 'report' as her Facebook status.

From Mox Racoma‘s Fb wall:

‘Word: Welfare

Clue: May ganito sa

U. S. pag walang work.

Me: TNT??’

dougspoitation: Our Next Contestant…

This reminds me of when the Jap Girls badmin group played charades.

One guy sat down and motioned with his hands that he was eating.

The Guesser went, ‘Picnic.’

It was the right answer.

Guesser went, ‘Picnic, ayos!’

There were so many haha moments that I forget now, to the point of lying down on the sofa.  I asked R what was more tiring, badminton or Charades.

Charades, was the answer.

Anyway, let me tell you more about PLD’s ‘Family Feudish.’

Should one team come up with an answer that’s not the top answer, the other team can try to come up with a higher-ranked answer.  Whoever gets the higher-ranked answer, say, Team A, chooses to play or pass.

Should Team A choose to play, the team keeps on answering until it has three strikes, or all the answers.  If Team A did not come up with all the answers, Team B tries to come up with one answer.  Should Team B come up with a correct answer, then Team B wins the round.  If not, Team A wins the round.