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Canadian Pinoy of the Year comments

Posted in disasters,flood,natural disasters by yangiwei on February 20, 2010

QM emailed me her comment on “Canadian is Filipino of the Year:”

“Thanks, [yangiwei], nice story!  It seems ages since I was in Manila.”

Canadian is Filipino of the Year

Posted in disasters,flood by yangiwei on February 17, 2010
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On the first week of September last year, QM came over to Metro Manila.  She had wanted to skip the Philippines with her hectic sked, as the itinerary included a trip to China to pick up CK’s adopted daughter.

I think it was over lunch at Kamayan that we talked about which of their siblings were more or less Pinoy.  QM wanted to know if she was Pinoy enough.

When Ondoy hit, QM felt lucky to be gone by then.  She asked me to recommend organizations where she can send her donations.  I suggested Ateneo or Ayala Foundation.

When the Inquirer article came out, I asked her, how does it feel to be Filipino of the Year?

Posted a photo of a local scene here–Greenhills–for QM.

I urged QM to try my favorite bra, Wacoal, which she bought. This photo is my purchase.

Taken or directed by JTU. Slides at Greenhills West. Directed or taken by JTU, in Greenhills West.