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Mercury Flu Shot

Posted in flu shot,medicine,Mercury Drug,vaccine by yangiwei on March 30, 2011

Thanks to Dyna Padilla-Hone for telling me about Mercury Drug‘s flu shots in response to my previous post, our batch Fb page exchange below:

‘mahal ! ask ka na lang sked from Mercury Drug kung kelan ang flu shots nila … P700 lang I think … I had myself, my hubby & 2 house angels immunised … mahaba nga lang ang pila at pipila ka together with maids, mga batang iyakin, yung mga taong parang pumipila din si wowowie, that is, if you don’t mind – ayan, umandar na naman ang caste system ….’

[San Juan to Makati]:

ty, Dyna. i’d rather go to Immunizers in case of side effects. feeling Brahamin kase ako, maski in real life aliping sagigilid lang ako, or as Michael O’Neill would put it, I’m the ‘pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum.’

about an hour ago ·

Dyna Padilla Hone ‘walang side effects …’


‘sige, will look into this. ty. will try to look for the most sosyal, least populated Mercury nearby. can also bring stool and book. and sagigilid-grade chat companion. who administered the shot? doctor ba?’

CYdA had also suggested Mercury Drug E. Rod years ago for flu shots.

Hmm, no wonder Immunizers can afford to hire Piolo Pascual for their billboard.