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I think that Tian Di was the best part of the tour for all of us.

I’ve decided to go to Immunizers instead of Mercury Drug for my

Immunizers' 2011 flu vaccine expires on December 2011, said Hannah. Photo taken yesterday.

because EFY waited a couple of hours at a Mercury Drug then gave up when the doctor didn’t show up.  He was there before the appointed hour.

We entered through the main door and exited through the basement door.

According to Hannah of Immunizers who took my call, Immunizers is open on Mondays to Saturdays, 9 am to 5 pm and I don’t need  an appointment.  As per my pulmonologist Dr. Agra‘s advice, I asked Hannah for the expiry date of Fluarix, which she pronounced as Floo-wa-riks.

This is my second time to go to Tian Di, but only the first time to photograph it.

The Immunizers number that I used is (632) 727-2865.   It is beside Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant, which used to be Harbour City until a typhoon–was it Milenyo?–blew its sign to Wilson come.

Too bad the best room was locked up.

Incidentally, I included Immunizers and Hai Kang in my April 10 tour of San Juan which I gave to Nasi Lemak consultant HK Tan, Myke Soon and his girlfriend Nix Manalang Angeles.  HK said that I should give the tour for

P 2,000 per person.  Cool!

Anyway, I pointed out to HK that San Juan is a good place to put up a restaurant as:

1. The residents have so much dispensable income, Immunizers can afford a Piolo Pascual ad (Incidentally, I have been trying for months to take a photo of the billboard but was never caught in traffic in the area during daylight.)

2. Most residents don’t like going outside San Juan.

3. Some residents only like Asian food.

Mercury Flu Shot

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Thanks to Dyna Padilla-Hone for telling me about Mercury Drug‘s flu shots in response to my previous post, our batch Fb page exchange below:

‘mahal ! ask ka na lang sked from Mercury Drug kung kelan ang flu shots nila … P700 lang I think … I had myself, my hubby & 2 house angels immunised … mahaba nga lang ang pila at pipila ka together with maids, mga batang iyakin, yung mga taong parang pumipila din si wowowie, that is, if you don’t mind – ayan, umandar na naman ang caste system ….’

[San Juan to Makati]:

ty, Dyna. i’d rather go to Immunizers in case of side effects. feeling Brahamin kase ako, maski in real life aliping sagigilid lang ako, or as Michael O’Neill would put it, I’m the ‘pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum.’

about an hour ago ·

Dyna Padilla Hone ‘walang side effects …’


‘sige, will look into this. ty. will try to look for the most sosyal, least populated Mercury nearby. can also bring stool and book. and sagigilid-grade chat companion. who administered the shot? doctor ba?’

CYdA had also suggested Mercury Drug E. Rod years ago for flu shots.

Hmm, no wonder Immunizers can afford to hire Piolo Pascual for their billboard.

Flu Shot

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My friend’s cousin wants to know how much a  flu shot costs.
I told my friend about Dr. Chua of Immunizers telling me that it would be ok to get a flu shot even with a sore throat and a cough.  She said that her doctor also told her to not get a flu shot while on antibiotics.
My sister said that she would need to read the literature on the vaccine before she administers it to me, so I decided to go to Immunizers na lang.
Below are my email exchanges with Mercury Drug, Immunizers and my pulmonologist, Dr. Gwen Agra–who I mentioned in I’m Getting My Flu Shot–of Cardinal Santos Medical Center.  I also referred Dr. Agra to my friend’s aunt, who sees Dr. Agra at St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City.
Dr. Agra:
‘You are stil unwell from last week?Would rather let sore throat resolve 1st before the shot. Ask about expiry date of fluarix,’ 

Sent from my iPod

On Mar 26, 2011, at 1:08 PM, [San Juan to Makati] wrote: 

‘Dear Dr. Agra,

Immunizers will only administer their own med.  Is Fluarix ok?  Dr. Chua of Immunizers said that as long as I don’t have a fever, I can get a flu shot.  Have runny nose and sore throat.
P 1,250 per dose. Glaxo Smith Kline.’

October 13, [SJM]:

So, basically, Dr. Gwen, I’ll be saving P 400 by going to my sister, but more important is the availability of Vaxigrip at Mercury Drug.’

October 13, Mercury Drug:

‘Dear [San Juan to Makati],
Below is the current price of your inquired items —-
Item Description Unit Price
BEGRIVAC 2010 FLU VACC 0.5mL10 P 595.00
SYRIN INTER3/10cc30u31Gx3/8100 P 10.00
BD MICRO-FINE+PENNDLE30g8mm100 P 10.50
Please be advised that the above quoted price is subject to change without notice and we require doctor’s prescription on Rx items. Serving is subject to availability of stock at the time of order.
For your ordering convenience, you may visit our website, fill out our order online form and pay using your Mastercard or Visa credit card.
After processing of your credit card and receipt of our email confirmation, you can either pick the merchandise yourself, or by your designated beneficiary in any preferred Mercury Drug store nationwide within 24 hours
If you have further inquiries, we will be glad to serve you.

ccagent: aqui’

I’m Getting My Flu Shot

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Trained in natural and conventional medicine.



My friend asked me to give my opinion on a forward warning people against flu shots.

I sent her a lengthy reply, pointing out that the email ends with:

‘If you order products from this week, you will also receive a free Mini Guide to Flu Vaccine with your order.  Plus, will make a donation to NVIC with every order!

If you order products from this week, we will make a donation to NVIC with every order!”

Splenda Secrets that can Change Your Life


My friend also wants to know if I’ve had my flu shot.  After two bouts of flu last year, my pulmonologist, Dr. Gwen Agra of Cardinal Santos Medical Center, prescribed Vaxigrip to me.  Health Cube does not have Vaxigrip anymore, only Begrivac, so I emailed her for advice.  This is her reply:

‘not much experience w begrivac yet altho i am also forced to use it because vaxigrip is no longer available. so far, with my patients, no side effects noted.  the manufacturer is also a big multinational company. i think it would still be beneficial for you to have the shot.’
I have not asked Health Cube if they’re willing to inject me with Vaxigrip from Mercury Drug.