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Morning Parking at Shang Plaza

Posted in Luzon,malls,Shangri-La Plaza,travel by yangiwei on December 15, 2010

FAITH stands for First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities.

Thanks to Phoebe C, who sent me this email after I asked her where I could park at 8+ am at Shangri-La Plaza:

‘You can park at Shangri-La’s multi-level carpark, it’s the building opposite Rustan’s. It’s where the Watering Hole is located.
Another option would be to park at the multilevel parking beside St. Francis towers. :)’

First Asia Institute of Technology and Lima Park Hotel sponsor Maquiling Quest–Ruby Comm-K. Austria

Atty. Gay Francisco said that the electric car broke down in a parade.

I asked Phoebe about parking because Starbucks Shang was the meeting place for our Lima Park Hotel blogger and media lunch.

EFY asked me if I was taking a cab, thinking that I would stay in Lima overnight.

Aw, it would have been my first time to ride an electric car.

I told him that Shangri-La Plaza‘s parking is pay P 45 as you enter.  What I found out last December 8 was that the fee is P 45 from something like 6 am to 3 am, and you pay P 300 if your car is still there at 6:01 am the next day.  That doesn’t sound right, but you get the idea?

At 20 meters in length, it seems longer than the Astoria Boracay pool.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, I used the Starbucks washroom and bought kettle-cooked chips at P 75 as consuelo, as Jayson Biadog and I also got water.  I explained to Jayson and Dante Ward, the third blogger in the group, that I wasn’t hungry, haven’t eaten two bowls of champorado for breakfast.  I just wanted to encourage Starbucks to open at that hour.  Jayson said that the goodwill that Starbucks gets from letting us use their washroom is plenty, that I’m a regular customer anyway, which I’m not.  I told him that goodwill is not enough, as Starbucks charges its customers for internet use, and the cards were not even available in the Shang branch when I was last there, around last year.

This is most well-ventilated hotel that I've been to.

He said that I could get water from 7/11.  I told him that 7/11 does not have a washroom.

The guy with the backpack is Dante Ward, who had parked his bike at Megamall.

He said, You have so many needs.