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How to start a site

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For iPhone apps.

I gave VR an idea for a site, based on his superpowers, a term I learned from Maven Secrets.

Or, instead of choosing between platforms, just download wordpress.

He greeted me through chat last week, “Hi, blogger.”

Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between content, colors and platform.

I asked him about his site.

Plus: features a lot of posts at the same time.

He said that he didn’t know how to start.

For those whose photos are their strong suit.

I advised him to go to instantdomainsearch (something I learned from Red Media) and check out the possible names for his site.  He said that he didn’t have any names in mind.  I told him to come up with a list, just write them down, and let them soak overnight, then eliminate names in cold blood.  I also looked up his keyword + .com, and added ph, philippines, pinoy to it.  Philippines and Pinoy were taken, but not ph!

Can track Twitter keywords.

I then told him about my WordPress vs. Blogspot post, which I’m updating with my comments below:

How to Create Your Own Website

Is this applicable to Metro Manila?


After consulting with Maven Secrets Founder and Teacher Anton Diaz, I learned that some wordpress themes don’t allow headers.

Includes Fb, vimeo, twitter.


What I like about blogspot is that you can edit text while uploading photos.  In wordpress, while you upload photos, you can’t edit text.

What I like about wordpress, over blogspot, is you can caption photos, and control where in the post you can put your photos.  In blogspot, the photos are inserted in the same place, with no captions.

Experimental daw?


Akismet has done a good job with my wordpress blogs so far, maybe because I get 40+ views on a good day.  Maven Secrets coursemate Jhoey Hernandez of Pinoy Organics said that Akismet is not good enough for her.  She has 844 fans.


I’ve removed my sticky since Anton said that it’s an old post.

Woo Theme Shopping


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The slogan is a turn-off to me.

My colleague Osang Alipon referred me to Goojoob, a competitor of eyp.  At least that’s what Goojoob is meant to be.

Goojoob logo from their site.

My first reaction was, why this name?

Osang said that each ad placement is P 15,000 (a year?), and includes the client’s logo and a link to client’s website.  This sounds low compared to eyp‘s approximately  P 100,000 annual placement fee.  But since no one’s using Goojoob, then any fee is expensive.

I told Osang that Goojoob can outdo eyp by having a better search engine.  For example, when I tried to look for Space the boutique/clothing store, I ended up with different categories plus the last one, “Display only business names containing space.”

When I clicked on “Display…containing space,” I got a list of names with Space in them, including the Space (Local Apparel Venture Stores, Incorporated) office and branches.  Better if Space was on top of the list, not three page downs away in my Netbook.  The Space branch that I was interested in, Robinson’s Galleria, was six page downs away.

When I tried to look for Space in Goojoob, I came up with nothing relevant.  I tried to look for categories like boutiques or clothes, but only saw “Clothes-Used.”

The situation was about the same when I tried to search for “Music Museum” in GoojoobThe eyp search was successful.

Goojoob needs to fix its search function.  It has greater possibilities than eyp, since eyp is PLDT-bound.  Goojoob can include email addresses, cellphone and Globelines numbers of all its listings.  Then it can consider itself real competition.

A site like this can also list all the products of the company.  For example, instead of just “electronics,” it can list more specific categories like “electronics ballasts,” “emergency lights,” etc.

Viral Marketing Seminar

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Maven Secrets classmate Nina Terol-Zialcita forwarded this email to me

(sorry it’s cut on the right, I can forward the email to you, just post your email

address in the Comments section of this blog post):

New Viral Marketing Seminar


Viral marketing is a higher level order of Word of Mouth in marketing. It utilizes the internet and digital medium to “infect” other users of the medium by engaging them with content and encourages them to pass it on to other users. Unlike traditional Word of Mouth marketing that may take weeks or months to reach critical mass, Viral Marketing, through the internet, allows the message to reach thousands and millions of people in less than a week. Brands are now joining the viral marketing bandwagon to leverage and create awareness and trial for their products and services. With the advent of video sharing sites like YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook, many brands have jumped into this viral bandwagon, albeit without much success. We can only name a few successful viral marketing campaigns that have really enticed us to “send it forward.” There is a science to successful viral marketing by understanding the fine line between human behavior and the internet technologies that exist today. Master them and brands will be able to cut through the clutter and become viral marketing successes.

Program Concept

The program will showcase a viral marketing framework that will help marketing practitioners in developing a successful viral marketing campaign. It will help marketers look at the different components of what makes an idea or campaign viral. While the basic fundamentals of a word of mouth marketing campaign like segmentation, target audiences, and viral media management remain to be universal, the dynamism of the internet has changed the way how marketers should look into these concepts. It is therefore important that marketers understand the new principles behind old word of mouth marketing concepts, and how re-applying the internet into creating viral marketing can exponentially push a brand forward, or if done wrong, backfire on the brand. At the end of the program, participants are expected to be able to develop a viral marketing campaign for their respective brands.

Program Overview

The program can be divided into five key modules, which will provide a step-by-step approach on appreciating and understanding the different components of a successful viral marketing campaign. The last module will look at various viral marketing case studies where participants can learn from the best in class. There will be case examples from product/service categories such as fast moving consumer goods and service industries like top consumer brands and the tourism industry that will show how they have been aggressive in dipping their feet into the world of digital. See how they do it and learn from the different successes and learning as they extend their brands to the world of online.

Module 1: Appreciation of the history of viral marketing and what makes it successful

Module 2: Creating a step-by-step Viral Marketing plan

Module 3: Choosing which viral and social platform to engage

Module 4: Measuring Viral Marketing performance

Module 5: Best in class Viral Marketing case studies

Who should attend:

Marketing and Sales Management Practitioners, Brand / Product Managers, Assistant Brand Managers, Marketing Officers, Ad and Promo Managers, Sales Managers, Trade Marketers, Category Managers, Heads of Support Services specifically in IT, and any department member who has a stake in the digital marketing planning and execution.

Key benefits for participants

Participants will be able to understand how the role and power of viral marketing can affect brands, and its effect to the overall digital marketing plan. In this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the underpinnings on why viral marketing came about and why it has become an undeniable key digital marketing tool.
  • Appreciate how viral marketing can build and destroy brands, and understand why some viral campaigns succeed and some fail from the start.
  • Understand how each viral and social platform plays out in contributing to viral marketing success and failure.
  • Learn to track the performance of viral marketing campaigns.

Key benefits for companies

  • ·Putting of viral marketing science into practice through a viral marketing framework
  • ·Utilize viral marketing as an important tool in business.
  • · Learn and understand how to proactively create strong viral marketing campaigns to their brands’ benefit
  • ·Counteract negative viral marketing programs that are working against them.
  • · Learn from tried and tested true viral marketing case studies that have proved to bring down brands and catapulted brands to success

Two-day Course Investment Fee:

Early bird rate if paid on or before April 14, 2010    : Php 10,888 + VAT

Regular rate if paid until April 23, 2010                      : Php 11,888 + VAT

Onsite rate if paid starting April 26, 2010                  : Php 13,888 + VAT

Viral Marketing
April 28-29, 2010 (Wednesday-Thursday)  8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Makati City
Company Name
Company Address
Company TIN
Telephone Number Fax Number
Name and Position of Sending Manager
Sending Manager’s Email Cellphone No.
Name and Position of Contact Person
Contact Person’s Phone No. Fax No.
Contact Person’s Email Cellphone No.
Company Website
Products Produced or Services Offered
Participant 1 Name Nickname
Email Cellphone No.
Participant 2 Name Nickname
Email Cellphone No.
Participant 3 Name Nickname
Email Cellphone No.
Participant 4 Name Nickname
Email Cellphone No.
A.       Course Investment (Reservation is open but confirmation of seat is based on the payment of delegates.)

  • Early bird rate if paid on or before April 14, 2010           :  Php 10,888 + VAT
  • Regular rate if paid until April 23, 2010                             :  Php 11,888 + VAT
  • Onsite rate if paid starting April 26, 2010                          :  Php 13,888 + VAT
  • Payments with tax withheld will only be accepted provided FORM 2307 or Certificate of Tax Withheld is attached.
B.  This registration form, when completed, may also serve as your billing notice.

  • TOTAL PROGRAM INVESTMENT:  _________________    PLS. PICK UP CHECK ON:  ______________________

(Please provide 24 hour notice for scheduling, selected Metro Manila areas only.)

C.  Or you may deposit to the following bank accounts (any branch) and please fax to us a copy of the deposit slip complete with company name, contact person and contact telephone number:

Security Bank        :  Timog Branch

Account Name      :  Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

Account Number  :  0162-028106-001

RCBC                        :  New Manila Branch

Account Name       :  Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

Account Number   :  1-220-01044-5

D.  Cancellation Policy:  Once we receive registration, cancellation will be accepted if made eight (8) working days before the seminar, otherwise, full payment will be forfeited or will still be charged, whatever is applicable.  Substitution will be accepted at any point before the seminar.

Platinum Sponsor:  Abenson    Print Media Partners:  BusinessWorld and Philippine Daily Inquirer

For registration or other inquiries, please call Joy at (02) 584-5858 / 412-0034

or email us at

Photoblogging Class at The Collective

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I aped a classmate who also took a photo of this bike painting.

I like the empty space. How long before this place becomes Megamall/Greenhills/Galleria-like?

My classmates were concerned that the place was flood-prone.

I looked up the definitions of "courtyard" and "atrium."

Anton Diaz is in blue, Hershey's in red, Boy Kuripot is standing, Didi Paterno of waislife and lovingthedistance is in lavender.

A future holder of paintings. Today, a projector wall.

My classmates are Ana Santos of Sex and Sensibilities; Jinkee Umali of Calamba-Online, Nikka Sarthou, who, with Ana and Nina Terol-Zialcita (not in photo), formed Writers Block Philippines; Hershey Ang of Food Journal of Hershey.
I was aiming to take a photo of the commercial space.

I took this photo because it had a person, "Sundae" and some greenery.

The reflection of the plant on the window was also accidental.

What Cubao eXpo doesn't have.

Maven Secrets in March

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I just read this email:

“———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Anton Diaz <>
Date: Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 6:51 PM
Subject: Heads up…. Maven Secrets 3 starting in March


An Awesome Morning to Maven Secrets Friends!

My wife is about to give birth to our 3rd son anytime soon. The
family is excited to welcome him and I’ll share with you our
birthing journey.

Due to consistent demand from friends, OAP readers and other
referrals, I decided to start the next batch of Mavens this coming
March in AIM. There are a few strategic changes to the program and
I want to take it to the next level in 2010.

Some of the key changes would be:
— will be a learning portal. All the
presentations and documentations can be read/ reviewed in the
online site 2 weeks prior to classes.
— Instead of 9 Maven Secrets, I structured it to include 3 more
secrets on advanced Internet Marketing concepts. So in total 12
Maven Secrets across 12 weeks.
— The actual concepts/presentations will be available online but
we will have a once-a-week class in AIM for the mastermind
sessions, Q&A and guest speakers. I’m thinking of doing it
Wednesday or Thursday 7-10pm (with call time starting 6.30pm).

Let me know if you have pending internet marketing or blogging
questions or suggestions about the program which I can consider
before the launch of Maven Secrets 3 🙂

If there is one question I can answer for you so that you will
become successful in your Blogging/ Internet Marketing projects in
2010, what would that question be? (Email me at

Thanks and Happy Valentines Day!

Live an Awesome Life,

Anton Diaz
Founder/ Digital Publisher

PS. Let me know if you would like to register now for Maven Secrets
3 so that I could prioritize your registration. You can register at the pre-launch
tuition fee.”

I intend to attend Maven Secrets again, as I had missed a lot of classes, and didn’t absorb all the technical details, especially I was too tired from work.  I also want to catch the new Mavens.