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Gmail’s html view

Posted in email,Gmail,Google,internet by yangiwei on December 20, 2010


In Mozilla, click on Tools, then Options, then change the Home Page to


It’s official.  I major-majorly dislike yahoo.  I’ve been encouraging everyone to use Google Search and Gmail over Yahoo Search and Mail, but the past two or three days, my Gmail went html–versus standard–view on me.


Music to my eyes!


I googled Gmail help and other sites for the answer. Gmail Help said to use supported browsers like Google Chrome.  I enjoyed Google Chrome, because Family Feud loaded a lot faster, Gmail went to standard view, but after I turned on the Netbook again, it was back to html view.


Tools is at the upper lefthand side of Mozilla.



I also tried enabling and disabling Cookies and javascript on Mozilla, a second suggestion that I read online.  I would restart the Acer after every step, just to be sure that the instruction was communicated properly to my laptop.


Options is at the bottom of Tools.



Worked once, then didn’t again.

I was in a YM conference with two developers and one designer today, and a developer, HO, suggested that I change the options on my gmail.  What options Gmail html view is pretty basic.  You basically see the Inbox, Sent and related boxes, the categories, the message summaries, other Google Products and not much else.


Once more, with feeling.



Another online suggestion was to change http to https.  I was already on https, so that suggestion was useless.

I theorized that my troubles began when I installed YM for today’s conference chat, which took 3-1/2 hours to set up, by the way.  This resulted in yahoo search being my default search engine–yuk.  So I changed my Home Page from to, and life is now back to normal.


The culprit!