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Woo Theme Backroom

Posted in blogging,Headlines,internet,San Juan,Woo Themes,Wordpress by yangiwei on December 13, 2010

The About Page

I was in love with the Export function in Headlines, until I read that it is used to import the site into another one.

I had initially used a blue header background.

Or am I just naive?  Is this an regular feature of

The share buttons

Anyway, I clicked on ‘Download Export File‘ and saw my old blog, the one that WordPress closed down.  It was filled with code.  Can I convert code to something postable?

I changed the avatar from default to this one that changes according to the email address of the 'commentor.'

Ok, here are the two test sites, Contestant Number 1 and 2.

I like the gold 'submit comment' button.

Please indicate your preference through applause.

Yipes!  Now that both themes are up, I can’t tell which one is which.  Lesson learned here is to put up one today, hyperlink it here then put up another one tomorrow, then hyperlink it here.  As if I would have time to do anything but work on a Monday.

The categories are on top.

Wait!  It’s the same thing, I think.

Both have share buttons, and ready for ads, with banner abangs.

It was only when I had two categories that I appreciated the categories being on top.

I went to Email 2 to log in to the corresponding Woo Theme, but the backroom of Headlines says Email 1.  When I tried to change Email 1 to Email 2, there was resistance.

I’ll just post the look of Headlines here, wait for it to expire, then post the look of another Woo Theme in another post, so you guys can tell me which one is better.