San Juan to Makati

Woo Theme Backroom

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The About Page

I was in love with the Export function in Headlines, until I read that it is used to import the site into another one.

I had initially used a blue header background.

Or am I just naive?  Is this an regular feature of

The share buttons

Anyway, I clicked on ‘Download Export File‘ and saw my old blog, the one that WordPress closed down.  It was filled with code.  Can I convert code to something postable?

I changed the avatar from default to this one that changes according to the email address of the 'commentor.'

Ok, here are the two test sites, Contestant Number 1 and 2.

I like the gold 'submit comment' button.

Please indicate your preference through applause.

Yipes!  Now that both themes are up, I can’t tell which one is which.  Lesson learned here is to put up one today, hyperlink it here then put up another one tomorrow, then hyperlink it here.  As if I would have time to do anything but work on a Monday.

The categories are on top.

Wait!  It’s the same thing, I think.

Both have share buttons, and ready for ads, with banner abangs.

It was only when I had two categories that I appreciated the categories being on top.

I went to Email 2 to log in to the corresponding Woo Theme, but the backroom of Headlines says Email 1.  When I tried to change Email 1 to Email 2, there was resistance.

I’ll just post the look of Headlines here, wait for it to expire, then post the look of another Woo Theme in another post, so you guys can tell me which one is better.

San Juan to Makati Woo Themes

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I'm confused between the photos and the theme.

I’m still Woo Theme shopping!

I’ve narrowed down the choices to Fresh Folio and BlogTheme because they have the San Juan colors.

I’m tending towards BlogTheme as it seems more colorful, and I like the accordion sidebar, that shows only what the user wants to display.

But wait!  I forgot about Makati.

And wait!  BlogTheme is free, so I’ll save it for another time.  I want to take advantage of the Maven Secrets theme offer.

Can be updated through iPhone.

Ok.  Since Makati is yellow, blue and green and San Juan is yellow, blue and red, why don’t I choose a blue and yellow theme?

Like Crisp.

Is the yellow portion in Headlines a logo or part of the theme?  Headlines can be set to slide or static.

When I tried to access the demo version, the page could not be found.

Ok, let’s try Fresh Folio, Crisp and Headlines then.  Fresh Folio turns out to mostly blue, with no yellow.

I registered sanjuanmakati using Email Address 1 for Crisp.  While waiting for the activation email to come in, I registered sanjuanmakati using the same email address for Diarise, because it was calling me!  No go, so I registered sanjuan2makati using Email Address 2.

This is a 2.46 MB image that I had to crop to fit Headlines.

Once I activated Crisp, I changed the Appearance to Headlines.

It has a tweet banner, though.

Blog ‘Earnings’

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Jayson Biadog gave this to me at his blogger event.


Whenever I tell people about any of my blogs, they want to know if I earn from them.  Pre-Maven, I say no.  Post-Maven, I tell them that one of my blog posts had 500 views, and that once you reach 1,000 views, advertisers will approach you.

Photo courtesy of Astoria Boracay.

Today, when Vera VP asked me the blog income question, I remembered what Janette Toral said at Jayson Biadog’s Winner’s Place blogger event, that blog earnings can also be in kind, which is why she invited Jayson to be a speaker at an e-Commerce Summit panel, alongside Brad Geiser of PR Powerhouse Geiser Maclang.

Club Balai Isabel

Photo courtesy of my semi-roommate Jehzeel Laurente, taken on November 2009.

So I thought of the non-cash benefits that I’ve received as a blogger.

The biggest one was probably the all-expenses-paid Carnation Food Tour, which included an overnight stay at Balai Isabel.

I took this photo using Butterfly's Sony camera.

The second biggest perk was a two-night stay at Astoria Boracay this year.

The third biggest was the Appetite Restaurant Festival, an invitational 25-restaurant buffet where my friend and I got P 4,000 GCs each.

Both 1 and 3 I got from being an Appetite Magazine contributor, which happened because I emailed my food blog posts to then-Appetite Associate Editor Annie Nisce.  Thank you, Blogspot settings.

My friend asked Casa Reyes us free food for the article photo.

Wait!  I take it all back!  My biggest blogger benefit is my fully-sponsored blogger event!

At the Miracle Machine launch.

The best news is that cash is coming.  I have been asked to do the content architecture and SEO of a major major website.

Kraft launches charity page

I tell people to stay our room as the sewerage is ok there, unlike in Boy Kuripot's room.

‘Magsimula Ka’ in November

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At the Music Museum.


Like Cats, I had been wanting to watch Magsimula Ka since its initial run in the early 80s.  I hope that unlike Cats, Magsimula Ka will be as entertaining as Rizal, starring Sonny Parsons and The Company, which I saw at Rizal Theater! It doesn’t hurt that Robert Sena, one of my favorite singers, is directing.  Whether singing and directing are related is another thing altogether.  Ask Rowell and Randy Santiago.

No, Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez-Sena are not part of the castIsay is a producer.

Incidentally, I want to post a photo of the poster from Gibbs Cadiz’s Global Post blog post, but my other wordpress blog was shut down due to violation of the terms of use, so I am trying to be a bit more careful.

As per Maven Secrets teacher Anton Diaz‘s advice, I’ve asked WordPress to export the blog for me, and to ask WordPress what my specific violation was, and to say that I am not an SEO or affiliate blogger, whatever any of that means.  WordPress has not replied to my email, but I expect WordPress to reply to me within 24 hours like when I first contacted them about my suspended blog.

Incidentally, I only found out about my disappeared blog when Jayson Biadog told me about it.


Blog Action Day

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I want to write about golf courses, floods and recycling.

Feng Shui Newsletter

From Maven classmate Nina Zialcita of Writers Block Philippines:

‘Dear friends,

October 15 is Blog Action Day around the world. Please read the email below to see how you can participate in Blog Action Day and write about this year’s theme, then please also spread the word to your blogger friends so that we can get greater participation from the Philippines.

Let’s show the world that we care, and that we can act through our blogs 🙂

Have a great day!

~ Nines

Blog Action Day 2010, powered by
Register for Blog Action Day 2010 Now!

Register Now!


Last month we asked you what topic you wanted to write about for Blog Action Day 2010, and thousands of you responded. Dozens of issues received support, but one stood out above the others, gathering nearly one-third of the vote.

We’re excited to announce this issue as the topic for Blog Action Day 2010: Water.

Today we unveiled the Blog Action Day 2010 site, and aim to make this year’s event the largest single day of action on the web in 2010. Click here to check out the new site and register for Blog Action Day 2010, held on October 15th.

You don’t need to be a water expert to participate — you just have to be interested in joining thousands of other bloggers from more than 100 countries in collectively raising awareness of one of the most important issues facing our world.

After all, clean water is essential for our survival, but dangerously scarce. Nearly one billion people in the world today don’t have access to clean water and 42,000 people die each week from water-borne diseases. And the issue doesn’t stop there — water availability impacts a wide variety of issues from the environment to women’s rights and from technology to fashion. If you’re unsure what to write about on October 15th, check out our list of water post suggestions to get started.

Last year, Blog Action Day included influential voices ranging from the White House to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. This year, we’re looking forward to an even larger group of influential voices, from celebrities to politicians, to help widen the scope of our conversation.

But we need your help to get the momentum going.

Register today and help kick-off Blog Action Day 2010!

We hope you’ll join us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me anytime at


Maria & the Blog Action Day team
P.S. Want to use your blog to inspire action? Be sure to grab an action widget from our site in order to allow your readers to take action around water issues in the weeks leading up to Blog Action Day.’

Food Writing Workshop

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Email from Maven classmate Writers Block Philippines.

I attended Firsts.

‘We’re happy to announce that Writer’s Block Philippines will be hosting its first ever  food writing workshop entitled, “EAT, WRITE, LOVE” on October 16, 2010 at Adarna Food & Culture at 11am.

Our guest speakers during the event will be Adarna Executive Chef Giney Villar and awarded food blogger Lori Baltazar.

To register, you may make a deposit the payment to our bank account (bank details below) or pay via Pay Pal on the site.   Writer’s Block Philippines members get 10% discount on the workshop fee!   We’d be very happy if you could join us on October 16 a day of enjoying the simple pleasures of eating and writng.   Warm regards, Ana Nikka Nina

Each recipe has a story

Every bite invokes a memory
Join us for a day of scrumptuous delights and gastronomic writing! Writer’s Block Philippines will be holding its first-ever food writing workshop on October 16, 2010 (Saturday), 11am to 4pm at Adarna Food and Culture.

Workshop participants will learn about food appreciation from Adarna Food and Culture Chef Giney Villar, as she will discuss her favorites dishes and the story behind each one; while food writer, Lori Baltazar of, will talk about making a career out of food writing.

To reserve a slot, click HERE.

And, to pay for your slot, use the Paypal button on the right sidebar, or deposit your payment (Php2,500 per person) to this account:

  • Ma. Veronica U. Sarthou
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Savings Account
  • Account No. 1759037711

Mark the date — October 16,  11:00am-4:00 pm! See you then!

Adarna Food and Culture

Kalayaan Avenue

Quezon City’

How to start a site

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For iPhone apps.

I gave VR an idea for a site, based on his superpowers, a term I learned from Maven Secrets.

Or, instead of choosing between platforms, just download wordpress.

He greeted me through chat last week, “Hi, blogger.”

Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between content, colors and platform.

I asked him about his site.

Plus: features a lot of posts at the same time.

He said that he didn’t know how to start.

For those whose photos are their strong suit.

I advised him to go to instantdomainsearch (something I learned from Red Media) and check out the possible names for his site.  He said that he didn’t have any names in mind.  I told him to come up with a list, just write them down, and let them soak overnight, then eliminate names in cold blood.  I also looked up his keyword + .com, and added ph, philippines, pinoy to it.  Philippines and Pinoy were taken, but not ph!

Can track Twitter keywords.

I then told him about my WordPress vs. Blogspot post, which I’m updating with my comments below:

How to Create Your Own Website

Is this applicable to Metro Manila?


After consulting with Maven Secrets Founder and Teacher Anton Diaz, I learned that some wordpress themes don’t allow headers.

Includes Fb, vimeo, twitter.


What I like about blogspot is that you can edit text while uploading photos.  In wordpress, while you upload photos, you can’t edit text.

What I like about wordpress, over blogspot, is you can caption photos, and control where in the post you can put your photos.  In blogspot, the photos are inserted in the same place, with no captions.

Experimental daw?


Akismet has done a good job with my wordpress blogs so far, maybe because I get 40+ views on a good day.  Maven Secrets coursemate Jhoey Hernandez of Pinoy Organics said that Akismet is not good enough for her.  She has 844 fans.


I’ve removed my sticky since Anton said that it’s an old post.

Woo Theme Shopping

Woo Theme Shopping

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I'm looking for San Juan- and Makati-colored Woo Themes.

San Juan‘s seal is light blue, royal blue, yellow and red.

Makati's seal is yellow, light green and light blue.

Photos: Wikipedia and Wikipedia.

I wonder if I could hide the booking option in the Calendar.

I wonder if it will look too multi-colored.  Of all the Woo Themes, I  initially liked Diarise because it seems to be the only with a calendar.  But when I took it for a test drive, I only saw blog post and About.  Where’s the calendar?  I tried to customize the colors, but none of them came out.  The FAQ listed general questions about WordPress.  I could only see the topics in Support Forum.  One would need to be a member to post and view the answers to the questions.

Next to Diarise, I like Live Wire because it seems to show the most articles in one page.

I don’t know if this is Woo Themes in general, or Diarise, but I saw Feedburner, Google Analytics, and Contact Form.

10 posts on the welcome page, but what's with all the blank space?

Live Wire has a Video portion, which I hope that I can hide/unhide now that I still don’t know how to upload videos.  Its archives, which includes the last 30 posts, something that San Juan to Makati doesn’t have now, are a page, instead of displayed on the side like in San Juan to Makati.  I like this, as it makes the site look neater.  I didn’t understand the Categories.  Do these refer to how much space the post takes on the front page?

Also shows a lot of posts on the front page.

Woo!  The Journal shows more posts on the front page than Live Wire pala, and it has a Calendar!  Move over, Diarise! The Journal doesn’t have a video section.  Plus or minus?  The More Styles option section doesn’t seem to work.

Seemed to be apt for me, until I saw that it was meant for design portfolios.

Oh, the portfolio refers to articles!  I thought that portfolio automatically means videos or photos!  I don’t like Geometric‘s tag cloud as it looks messy.  I also don’t like twitter, as I have a hard time accessing it.  Don’t really care for Find Me Elsewhere.  What’s a text widget? Archive includes last 30 posts, Category, Month.

9 articles on the welcome page!

Canvas tags are different-sized like Multiply‘s.  I like Popular, Latest and Comments.  Shucks, the photos move automatically!  I’m in love!  The Page Template moves too fast, though, and I don’t know how to control it.  Also like the layout options, upto 3 col. right, left or middle!

Videos, Gallery, moving photos, Author Info, Category Descriptions.

I wish that the demos would show the most popular WordPress blog with that particular Theme, to show how the Theme acts in real life.  This would make it easier for an online dummy like me to understand, and to see its possibilities.  WordPress could pay the featured blog a minimal fee or even just bragging rights. If I were the featured blogger, I would consider it an honor and free publicity.

Vimeo, Fb, Twitter, Flickr, Sponsors, Blogroll, Recent Comments, Sponsors.

WordPress v. Blogspot

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This post is for Maven Secrets classmate MK.

Blogger vs. WordPress Comparison Chart talks about customization for blogger, which I’ve never tried. It is silent on Woo Themes.

My comments on the comparison chart below:

Visitor stats

This turned the tide in favor of WordPress.    I’m always excited to see how quickly and how many people view my blog, and which posts they view.  I wish that wordpress would say which pages people view, too.  Reminds me of Fraggle Rock, where a graph shows up right after a performance.

Image storage: I’ve made 478 published posts in a blogspot blog.  I usually post the maximum five photos per post, about 428 of which used Netbook 1-megapixel Webcam or cellphone VGA photos.  The rest of the photos were grabbed from the Web or taken with my 12-megapixel camera. In all, I’ve probably posted about 2,390 photos.  The drafts usually don’t have photos.   I don’t know how much space I’ve used already.

San Juan to Makati has about 99 published posts and 19 pages.  My last three posts had 19 photos in all, or a mean of 6 per post.  My latest three pages had 12, or a mean of 4.  That makes 670 photos, all grabbed from the Web or taken with the 12-megapixel.

This post has no photos, because something’s wrong and I can’t figure it out!  I still have 90+% space left!


Number of posts are visible in blogspot, for all to see.

In wordpress, the blogger sees the figure in the Dashboard.  Or are there Themes that show the number of blog posts?  Went over the Woo Themes and didn’t notice any.

I kept on updating The Collective because it was homework for our photoblogging class.  Then the sticky option came up and I clicked on it.  Then it’s always the first post that everyone sees when they go to San Juan to Makati.

Optional excerpts

Still don’t know how to do this, after attending professional blogging class twice.

Post by email

I like blogspot because I can send each post to myself.  There’s a changeable list of ten email addresses that I can send my posts to.


I like it that I can edit comments in wordpress.  I can remove my name, and substitute it with my username.  Akismet has been doing a good job so far.

My blogspot gets spam.

Blog List

WordPress has links.

I don’t know how to show off what I read in Blogspot.  The posts to blogs that I subscribe to surface in the Dashboard.  It would be cool if someone else had my blog in their Dashboard.


Easy to add in Blogspot.

Still haven’t figured it out in WordPress.


Can add Google Adsense in Blogspot.  MK is leaning towards blogspot.

Not in WordPress. MK was worried that she might need to transfer to another place, when her blog becomes successful and she has ads.  Can’t she maintain her wordpress then just add hosting?


WordPress has nicer Woo Themes, which I haven’t tried yet.

Top Clicks

I’d be interested to use this in WordPress, although I don’t know how yet.


In WordPress, you can hyperlink to another post, so that a post can have two pingbacks even though I just hyperlinked to one.  For example, there are three related posts.  I hyperlink the latest one to the second latest one.  I hyperlink the second latest one to the oldest one.  The second latest one would have comments linking it to oldest and newest, automatically.

In Blogspot, you would need to hyperlink 1 to 2 and 3, 2 to 1 and 3, 3 to 1 and 2.


I don’t know how to make a make a page in blogspot.


Hmm.  I just learned from the Comparison post, how to use the Gallery in wordpress.

I don’t know how to use Picasa.

Mega Fiasco

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Didi Paterno sent out an Fb message blast asking for feedback on the rude Mega reception people.

I don’t think that this is about bloggers and advertisers.  It’s no different from inviting people to a private party and snubbing them.  It’s about courtesy.

Sa Pinoy kase, kung walang confirmation, maski me invitation, hindi counted yun.  My friend JM says that he always confirms appointments twice.  He texts to say that he is about to leave then texts again to say that he’s on his way.

I learned this the hard way when we had our photoblogging class, delayed for months.

Photo courtesy of Jehzlau.

Anton Diaz, a wonderful teacher, tends to do things at the last minute, including deciding to change the venue the night before, from Cubao to Makati!  I had changed my cellphone number without telling Didi, so she contacted my old number.  So I went to Cubao, drove to Makati for the morning session, then drove back to Cubao for the afternoon session.

Of course, I would expect a company, PR or otherwise, to be professional.

Having said that, I have had great experiences with Events 100 and Appetite Magazine, sister company of Mega Magazine.

The Appetite Mag event that I attended was the two-day, out-of-town, overnight, Carnation Food Tour, way more complicated than a cocktail.  I invited the people I met there to the Astoria affair.

I’m thinking that maybe there has been a changing of the guard since I had attended the Astoria Bora launch, which Events 100 handled.

I’m sending this link to my efficient Events 100 contact so she’s alerted on what’s going on.  And I’d also like to get their side, to be fair to them.

All their successes in the past might be erased by this boo-boo.

This is opportunity for their competition.  If I were in the market for a PR firm, I would consider other companies.

But it is not hopeless for Events 100.  I remember when I was in Adidas, someone complained about his sole coming off.  It was reported in a broadsheet, we responded to the column, invited the customer over to Adidas, where he was presented with a new shoe and other things, I think.  Ahia Tony, who had bought good seconds through me, asked me about the polyurethane sole coming off.  I told him that it’s very soft but not durable enough for Metro Manila’s streets.  Being a tennis shoe, it’s made for the tennis court, not the greasy, grimy ground.