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Photo Editor: Mb Ting

Photo edited by: Mb Ting.

When my cousin-in-law CM said that her daughter might be flat-footed, I told her to prepare a shoe budget of at least P 4,000 a pair, as the only inexpensive (i.e. below P 1,000) shoes that fit me are what my friend Perry calls “glorified tsinelas” and formal evening mules.

With the exception of wide sports shoes like Adidas, Mizuno and Reebok, and the light but not-that-protective Dragonfly, we flat-footed people deal with shoes pinching us all the time.  My foot width fits a size 7 perfectly, but my foot width is a size 6, now that I don’t exercise; size 6-1/2 , when I used to exercise.

Shoe shopping takes days of patience–and impatience–from ex-friends, shoe clerks and me. Shoe salesladies have tried expanding shoes to accommodate my feet.  This might work for the slightly disabled customer, but not me.  How many shoes have I deformed from trying them?  How long before the shops put out my photos near the cashier, along with shoplifters?

When I chose style over comfort, a classmate told me, your shoes look great, but you don’t.

That’s because I have a pained look on my face.

I even fell flat on my face because my Rockport pumps were too loose, even after various visits to their shop to adjust it, and buying a combination of long and short corks at SM.  My friend RSYU told me to get sandals instead, so I wear Aerosole wedgies now for work and elsewhere.

When I chose comfort over style, my mom asked me why I would recycle a Naturalizer slingback or Marks & Spencer pump style from ten years ago.

The last time I had gone to Aerosoles in Rustan’s Makati, the stocks were the same as when I had last bought my last pair. My Maven Secrets classmate, said that Aerosoles has been placed under Stores Specialists where she works.

So when I find the rare shoe that combines comfort and style, say, a wide German shoe called Kaiser at CMG, I thank the shop.

My feet are still wider than the widest, adjustable shoes so I walk carefully, even though an extra hole has been drilled into the strap to accommodate my relatively smaller ankles, so the shoe is a snug fit.

So I can sympathize with the flat-footed AEOS, who loves designer shoes and everything else, but who likes to wear her old shoes unto death since they’re broken in, unlike her new ones.

When she was in college, her loose shoe fell off from the top of the stairs.  To her embarrassment, a guy brought up her shoe to her.  To think that she had just won a national contest at the time!

My parents have spent a fortune on Gregg arch supports for decades.  My shoes always bulge from these arch supports, whether they’re detachable or glued in.  Still, whenever people say that they’re more flat-footed than anyone else, there’s only one person, VAYS, who is as flat-footed as I am.

For decades, I have also followed my ortho cousin’s advice, to put my weight on the outer sides of my foot.  My feet are still the same!

I’ve talked to a shoe store friend to sell shoes for the flat-footed.  I’ve searched the Net for flat-footed shoes.

Any flat-footed people reading this?  Where do you buy your shoes?  Can you post your latest purchase in your blog?  Someone has suggested that I have my shoes made, like at Besa’s or wedding suppliers.  Has anyone tried this? Wanna form a joint flat-footed blog?

If you’re female and wearing the skimpiest swimsuit, don’t be surprised if I look at your feet first!  If you’re male, well, that’s another story!

Photos: my Aerosoles, so old my Stores Specialists classmatewanted to know when I had bought them; my bare feet;  my wet footprints that look blurrier than the Shroud of Turin, I know.

Note: This post is my entry to the Nuff Nang Red Shoes contest.