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Playing Taboo

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Mox posted another Taboo 'report' as her Facebook status.

From Mox Racoma‘s Fb wall:

‘Word: Welfare

Clue: May ganito sa

U. S. pag walang work.

Me: TNT??’

dougspoitation: Our Next Contestant…

This reminds me of when the Jap Girls badmin group played charades.

One guy sat down and motioned with his hands that he was eating.

The Guesser went, ‘Picnic.’

It was the right answer.

Guesser went, ‘Picnic, ayos!’

There were so many haha moments that I forget now, to the point of lying down on the sofa.  I asked R what was more tiring, badminton or Charades.

Charades, was the answer.

Anyway, let me tell you more about PLD’s ‘Family Feudish.’

Should one team come up with an answer that’s not the top answer, the other team can try to come up with a higher-ranked answer.  Whoever gets the higher-ranked answer, say, Team A, chooses to play or pass.

Should Team A choose to play, the team keeps on answering until it has three strikes, or all the answers.  If Team A did not come up with all the answers, Team B tries to come up with one answer.  Should Team B come up with a correct answer, then Team B wins the round.  If not, Team A wins the round.

Hilarious Party Games

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Christmas is Battle of the Brainless time.

Cardhaus Games – Card & Board Games – Taboo Hasbro

Of all my Fb friends, Mox Racoma had the funniest status today:

‘While playing Taboo at a Christmas party:

[Clue]: a certain world-famous explorer.

Chato: …Columbus?

Me: Yes, yes!  First name?

Chato: CHARLES!!!

(ano daw?) Merry Christmas!!

Pael Gutierrez: Im [sic] sorry anong history ang tinuro sayo sa miriam=))))…

Me: with conviction pa yan!’

This reminds me of the clue ‘____ and Oates.’

Answer: Holen!

And Pictionary.

The group couldn’t guess the drawing of the word ‘lingerie.’

When the group asked the picturist what she was drawing, she replied, ‘Linggeree!’

And Trivial Pursuit.

AYL was asleep on a few chairs, when this question came up: How do Warner Brothers cartoons end?

She rose from the chair, said, ‘That’s all folks!’ which won them the game!

And Charades and Cranium, where everyone knows the obvious answer except the Guesser.

Also entertaining is a game that I played at 3ima’s birthday party this month. PLD had devised a game she called Family Feud, using Power Point.  The contestant needs to think like in Jeopardy!, but the process is Family Feudish.

One question was: 5 Best-selling Beatles songs.

Whoever comes up with the top answer, can opt to pass and play like Family Feud.

I wonder what’s on the agenda this New Year’s Eve.  Magic Sing?

‘Ber in Greenhills and Eastwood

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I paid P 40 for parking in front of BPI.

Since last month, my friends and I have been going to Eastwood because of:

1. the Appetite Restaurant Festival

Dinner with my friend's friends at MoMo!

2. dinner with my friend’s friends

3. my friend’s cousins’ retro class

4. We got P 4,000 worth of resto GCs from the Appetite Restaurant Festival.  Each.

The Owl Bones: Zhayne’s 20th!

Styled by my friend.

Every time we went, my friend was happy with how smooth the traffic was going to Eastwood, very unlike her previous experiences.  It didn’t hurt that there was a sale at Megamall and Robinson’s one weekend.

Have you ever been to a mall parking deadend?

Until last night, when she said that the ‘ber months were upon us.

The snail’s pace started on E. Rodriguez, Jr. We made the first U-turn then made the first right through the backway.  She went to the first parking entrance.  I preferred the roomier one, probably the third parking entrance.  Same building, but she said that the first one was a maze.  We even met a deadend.

My friend, her cousin and I parked at B2, to be near the escalator.

Upon exiting, she said that we should take the first Exit, the one that goes to Technoplaza, where Slimmers is, because it was a shorter route to the back, and that if we were to take Exit 2, that we should go back the front, where Citibank is.

Kim took this and the other Greenhills photos.

But Eastwood is nothing compared to Greenhills.  There was no parking today so I left our maid Kim at the entrance of V-Mall, where she put the printer on the floor outside BDO.

From BPI, took Connecticut, went back to Greenhills Shopping through McDo, went out Teriyaki Boy, left at Missouri, L at Annapolis.

I went around the whole Greenhills Shopping Center, even considered valet parking, which had a line.  I exited at Worldmusicroom Promenade.  I signaled right, hoping that a traffic aide would let me park at a cordoned off area on the street. A man outside BPI waved me over and said that he shares the P 40 parking fee with the guard.  I gave him P 50, as it seems that I had gotten the last parking space, and I wanted to have parking next time I go to Greenhills.

Reference: 2010-2011 Household & Business San Juan map.

Why were there two traffic aides here and none near McDo?

October 25 a Non-Working Holiday

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My friend's dad carried his gun at home only, because of the gun ban.

The Philippines holds barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections on the last Monday of the month, a non-working holiday.


I first became conscious of the barangay elections when we saw policemen at the Total station on Ortigas Avenue, across Charlie’s Grill where we had gone. There was a checkpoint near Total, and none going towards Santolan. My friend pointed out that this was because San Juan was concerned with motorists entering San Juan, versus those who are leaving.

23:07H: My friend saw the police cars and urged me to take photos.

My friend’s driver let in a stranger into the house, who promptly left when my friend’s dad came out wearing his gun. Without the gun ban, would he have been wearing his gun?

The gun ban started a month before barangay elections and will last until 16 days after.


So the checkpoint started an hour before the gun ban was in effect?

Gun Ban for Barangay and SK Elections Starts This Midnight


This post started from my checking when the next long weekend is, for Texas Hold ‘Em with friends.

June 24, 2011

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San Juan Day

Manila Day

In 2010, the San Juan Fiesta was from June 17-24.

Photo: Paraiso Philippines

Both days have been non-working holidays for as long as I can remember.

Wikipedia mentions Vesak Day, Iglesia ni Cristo Day, Eidul Adha, but not Manila Day!

San Juan Holiday Today

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Yes, today, San Juan Day, is a holiday.

On P. Guevarra St.

Even though I published a post today about the San Juan Fiesta, I was still confused.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are between the Fiesta banners.

My San Juan office told me that I could go there today, since there was no traffic.  I thought that the secretary meant that there were no cars at the time, na hindi labasan ng Xavier at ICA.  I asked about my Binondo transaction, and was told that Manila is also on holiday.  Oo nga no!

Wattah! Wattah! 2010

Then I asked my client in San Juan what time he was picking up his daughter from ICA Oo nga no, wala palang pasok.

Then my dad asked me about the stock market report.  I told him that there was none for the day.  The quotation reports are usually available after 1 pm.  I checked the PSE site at 1:45 pm, and there was none for the day.  He told me that there was trading today.  I checked the PSE site again, around Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!‘s airtime (5:30-6:30 pm), and got the report.

Last Day of San Juan Fiesta Today

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This means that it's a holiday in Manila today, too.

I wonder how much Wattah Wattah costs.  Wouldn’t it be better to channel at least some of the funds, to more worthwhile causes, like medical needs?

I’m meeting a client in San Juan today.  He warned me not to go out, as someone might throw a timba at my car, I go out and get splashed.  I told him that I’ve been a San Juan resident since 1976, and I’ve been safe.  So far.  He said that he’s been a resident since 1964.  You win, I told him.

This is what I told my other client, that people in San Juan don’t move out.   They only move out for economic reasons, like they sell their place to move somewhere else where real estate prices are lower.

What usually happens is that, even after the kids are married, they move in with their kids at their parents’ place, either permanently or during weekdays, then go home to their husbands on weekends.