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Does UVVRP Apply to Tagaytay?

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Rico of MMDA told me that the Number Coding Scheme will start at Coastal Road or Makati.



Discovery or Taal Vista?

Tagaytay City Philippines

EFY wants to know if UVVRP or the Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program is applicable in Tagaytay.  He plans to leave Tagaytay at 5 pm so that he’ll hit Metro Manila by 7 pm.  He plans to use the new car because of the distance, for safety.

Then 5 pm sounds early to me.  CYdA told me that coding should apply starting Muntinlupa.


Rico confirmed that if Alabang is the exit, that the entry into Number Coding zone is Makati.



The MMDA trunkline numbers are 882-4151 to 77.  I couldn’t get through 51 to 54.  I got through 55, and spoke with a Rico, who confirmed that the September 9 update on the Metro Manila Development Authority site was the latest.

I had to say ‘UVRP‘ [sic] and ‘coding‘ a few times to Apple Ilano before she understood what I was saying.  She seemed to find my question amusing.  I guess I would, too, if I worked in Tagaytay.

C said, why implement a number coding scheme in Tagaytay when there’s not much traffic?  But isn’t it ma-trafik na ren?


Will text MMDA next time I have a question.



This text photo is so cool.