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Carnation Squash Soup

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3ima said that she tried to duplicate Caymen’s squash soup, but couldn’t, so she called up Caymen for the recipe.  I have a Carnation pumpkin soup somewhere–hard copy is with me and the CD is with Efren for her to copy for me, from the Carnation Food Trip in Batangas, but thought searching for it online would be faster, and I was right.

I liked it that it says calabaza soup, so you know that it’s a local post.

I plan to print this recipe for 3ima.

Incidentally, JU said that Alaska tastes like Carnation, but the former is cheaper.  I asked Caymen why she used Carnation.  Did you she ever try Alaska?  She said no.

Well, I’ll leave it at that.  JU and I don’t have the same taste.  She liked Chinatown’s Best Food, which I find overpriced compared to Kamayan and Somethin’ Fishy, the last two Triple V restos having better quality and ambience.

I guess the most effective way for Carnation to disseminate info is by emailing us bloggers, the

Photos in this postI know, I know. I use pumpkin and squash soup interchangeably.

Remember the "Ana" knock-knock joke?

Knock knock! Who's there? Stella.

Knock knock. Who's there? Dallas.

courtesy of Jehzlau.

links to their recipes, etc.