San Juan to Makati

Goodbye, MOA

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Photo courtesy of Jayson's Fb album

I don’t remember going to MOA as often as I have this year.  It’s only March and I’ve been to Chefs on Parade 2011, then the 18th PTAA Travel and Tour Expo 2011 last February 18, and last night for the 2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition.

New Era had one of the best European deals, said my friend.

My friend had driven the first two times, as I have never driven to Mall of Asia ever and have no plans of ever doing so.

The Mama Sita booth was probably the prettiest in all of Chefs on Parade.

I had vowed to myself that I would not go anywhere where I would have to rely on a busy blogger to drive me anywhere, which accounted for my missing the Kaos blogger event.

'Tangkilikin ang Sariling Atin.'

When Jayson told me that the , almost bit him because he had accidentally stepped on the tail, I kinda regretted not going, as I like animals.  ASUY said that it was a good show. comparable to what she had seen in Vegas.

I remember going to MOA only twice last year.

So when Jayson said that AXN Access had given him tickets for the Pyromusical Competition last night, I said that I was going only if he was driving.

My first time to attend Fashion Week.

But due to a confluence of events, I ended up going with a driver.  Cayoy Pe-Yu had posted directions on my Fb wall:

from ortigas ave.,turn right na to EDSA (POEA) then straight straight straight straight straight straight lang till you reach edsa’s
”DEAD END” which is,,,the ever famous MALL OF ASIA.

It was my first time to go to the Travel Expo.

Too late.  By the time I arrived at TGIFriday’s, I only had a partial view of the fireworks, although I experienced the wows of the audience.

RKL brought and lit Dragon Professional Fireworks for us last January 1.

I had asked our driver to stay until 10, but he went home at 9:30 pm.

Photo: Jayson.

Because of my new hairstyle :), Jayson did not recognize me and left!  He received my twenty texts about an hour around 11:30 pm.

The best deal that Maven 3's Meg Koh had found, was a buy-one, take-one Russian tour.

Formal Dress Shopping

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Greenhills shops' free sizes are small for us obese people.

ADG’s looking for a lavender/latte dress to wear to a relative’s wedding. She and I have grown so big that we have a hard time finding our sizes in Trinoma, SM Department Store, and Penshoppe.

ADG calls this the breast-feeding gown.

In fact, when I was medically deemed of normal weight, I had a hard time squeezing into SM and Penshoppe clothes.   I even bought a pair of Speedo XL biking shorts.

Bridge is at 2/F Promenade.

ADG refuses to have a dress made because she always ends up giving away the dress after wearing it once.

AUD, the Bridge saleslady Maricel and I liked this one the best.

So far, the lavender gown was the winner, though beyond her budget, but ADG would like to try the lavender gowns elsewhere, which she snubbed, thinking that she would never wear them again.   I reminded her that she had gone to an indigo-themed reception years ago.

I plan to ask Attic to send me photos of their formal dresses.

I remember that the organizer of Sweet Surrender told me that she was in the clothes business.  Will try to look for her through Jayvee Advincula of Goodfellas Productions.

Level C shop dress was not formal enough.

Raoul Ramirez at Podium

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guerre de mode

According to a Vivant-Events comment in Katherine Sicat‘s Fb album and  Vivant-Events Manila Fb page, this fashion show has been moved to December 20, same time and place.  Would you pay P 150 to watch this fashion show?  Can’t you watch this from Segafredo upstairs?  And get a San Miguel beer besides.

Penshoppe fashion show at MOA

Well, maybe I’m not the market for it, because if you really want to take fashion photos, you really need to be close to the action and move fast.  I had a hard time catching up with the models with my Canon Ixus 100IS at the Axe and  Penshoppe fashion shows at Fashion WeekJohn Bueno and I took turns taking photos so that each one of us did not block the other.

Bang Pineda, I think.

Jayson Biadog, who takes and posts, say, more than 200 photos per event, battery willing, did not take a lot of photos at the Axe event.  When I asked him why, he said that he wasn’t interested in taking photos of men lol.

When the female models came out in their bikinis, I nudged him into action hehe.  And shoot he did!

Penshoppe’s Day to Night Wear

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Yes to this one, especially the cute sleeves!

Thanks to Jayson Biadog for referring me to PR firm Geiser Maclang for the Penshoppe fashion show.

The lavender tops look like something I would wear.

I own a plain Penshoppe grey tee and underwear, and my balikbayan friends bought maybe a few dozen things there last time we went there this year, so I was expecting more of the same at the fashion show, which would not make an interesting fashion show.

Thanks to Penshoppe for the P 1,000 gift card!

I remember going to an Esprit fashion show circa ’97 where the clothes were all white, so they looked alike in the bright light.

I can also imagine myself wearing the second from the left outfit.

So imagine my surprise when I saw day to night clothes, as the press kit pointed out. Like!


I'd like to see the rest of the second from the left skirt or pants.

Jayson, I hope that you get a polo for hotel events and Penshoppe-type parties!  We were so underdressed at the Penshoppe party! The guests wore black.

Can't imagine any of my guy friends wearing anything like this.


I wonder if Penshoppe has belts, tights and light open cardigans or wraps.


Is he the Brand Director?



I also wonder if Penshoppe has a branch at SM Centerpoint, where I have P 100 coupons expiring tomorrow!

I like Penshoppe's Arrivalist line!

Space GC not honored

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Last April 24, I presented my Space GC to the Galleria branch after deciding on two blouses worth more than P 900 each.  The saleslady said that the GC issued by marketing is different from their GC, and made a phone call to someone who said that she would check it out.  I was asked twice where I got the GC.  I told them that I got it from Unitel, the Red Shoes premiere.  I told them that I had the body spray.

The Space GC has a scratch portion that the user is instructed not to touch.  It also has serial numbers.

It was around 8 pm.

The go-signal did not arrive fast enough for me.  Good thing I left, because even though I had left my name and number, I never did not get a call from Space.  That was 8 days ago!  I asked them what time they would close (10 pm), implying that I would be around at the time.

I was about to purchase almost P 2,000 worth of goods.  Even though the GC was fake, recalled, expired (August 2010), couldn’t they have given me a 5% discount?

The whole time that I was trying on clothes, I did not see anyone buy from them.

I wanted to try one outfit at a time, as I just wanted to use the GC.  I did not want to buy more than one item.  But it got so that I put on my own dress again, just so I could go out and select items.  I ended up liking two blouses, one short-sleeved and another long-sleeved.  I think that I need more short-sleeved blouses, but the long-sleeved one was unusual and shapely.

Also, even though there were at most two people trying on clothes, I called the salesladies several times in increasing decibels, to ask for assistance.

I could hear a super ask a saleslady if she wanted to take a day off, so the Shang salesladies could work in Galleria, since Shang was closed.

If I can afford to spend P 1,800 on clothes,  then I can certainly afford

P 1,900.

The P 100 difference is not great, but I don’t want to give my business to a shop that doesn’t give a bleep.  The way the salesladies are acting, they don’t earn commissions.  Too bad, Space has good stuff.  And it looks like I’m the only blogger who used their GC!

I tried on pants in SM Megamall last month and got better service!