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Mercury Drug Raffle Submission Over

Posted in DTI,government by yangiwei on August 1, 2010

The refill lasts me years.

After I had filled up five raffle coupons at Mercury Drug Broadway, which we went to because of its ample parking and proximity, we had about 4 mm of coupons left.

According to TSA, Cross replaces lost or damaged pen parts for free. For life.

When I got home, I was on the phone with a friend when I wondered aloud about raffles.  Of all the ICAns and Xavierians that we knew over the decades, how come I know of only person winning a Unimart raffle?  That was in the late 70s or early 80s, and the prize was a salbabida.  My source was the winner’s sister.

TSA had lost or damaged the rocket ship of his pen, and got another pen in exchange for his handicapped pen.

Also, have you heard anyone ever winning a Mercury Drug raffle?

My Math consultant friend ES said that it was mathematically possible to win the sweepstakes with a certain amount of tickets. If it were fair.

Have you heard anyone winning any raffle anywhere?

I had tried to claim maybe Gatorade from Mercury Broadway and was told that it was beyond redemption period.

I am the luckiest person in the world, not just because we only had a little leak last Ondoy, but because I can get parking in Megamall, Greenhills Shopping Center on a weekend, Sanctuario de San Antonio on a high-traffic Holy Day, right beside Terrazzo restos, and almost anywhere.

Showing The Good Wife.

I have won a Sony TV and a Cross pen at a Philam Asset Management Inc. raffles, both of which we still use today, overnight stay at Amanpulo at a travel agency raffle, SkyCable tickets to Memoirs of a Geisha and Fame, and the following tsiong wans (top prize in tyong chu, or Mooncake Festival, pardon my non-Pin Yin):

cash prize


portable black-and-white tv that I lugged around from room to room.

The Good Wife on the Velvet Channel

But these are mostly private raffles.

It's in the living room because it was too big for my room.

I have friends who have friends who had won L300s at Landmark raffles when Landmark was new.

Has anyone seen Nurse Jackie?

I had delayed the filling up of the Mercury Drug raffle coupons because I wanted to check the zip codes of Legaspi Village and Kalookan City.  Am I turning into Sheldon of Big Bang Theory?

Quarter turn, now.

And after saying that the probability of winning a Mercury Drug raffle is low, I am sorry that the deadline for submission of coupons was yesterday.  I even emailed Mercury Drug to ask if the raffle was over. Women! 🙂