San Juan to Makati


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How many Sessionistas have there been?

Since a guard once told me that photography was not allowed, I quickly took this shot.  I wanted to take the photo of the Tiendesitas activities, since there was a bulldog show, but a guard was nearby.

Shopping for decor at Tiendesitas last June 4, a relatively cooler day.

So much trouble from the mall that I’m promoting!

On my Canadian-Tsinoy balikbayan friends' frequently bought list.

I wonder what happened to the previous winners.  Does Tiendesitas hire them?

Three of my Canadian-Tsinoy friends bought chimes.

More than five years ago, my client and I were having so-so halo-halo at around 5 pm in the Tiendesitas open food court when we heard a Bee Gees song.  We looked at each other, surprised and smiling, then hopped over to see Real Groove.  The band had more than the usual guitar and keyboard, and they sounded even better than the Bee Gees, with their updated take on 70s songs.  At the end of their set, they thanked the two ladies–us–for singing along with them.

A pasalubong for nieces back in Canada.

We bumped into Real Groove at the construction exhibit also at Tiendesitas after their first set, where we found out that Real Groove also played at Katips and Hotel Nikko.  They had been performing for years.  Sadly, I have not heard from Real Groove since, not in any of the times that I had been to Tiendesitas after.  I even asked Moy Ortiz of The Company if he has ever heard of Real Groove, and he said no. Isn’t there a local band website?  I couldn’t find Real Groove online.

The tindera packed the decor in boxes.

Dog Shows at Tiendesitas

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Saw this in Greenhills Shopping Center, across the Lifestyle Center

This is one of the last batch of photos that I took of Greenhills Shopping Center, as the guard told me that picture-taking is not allowed.  I said ok, and he went, Pasensya na, a.

A friend told me that even a US chef doing a demo in a resto in Greenhills Shopping Cenuh, required a permit.  She said that this is true also at Bonifacio Stopover.

Reminds me of ICA, where I graduated from.  Students need to get clearance to mention ICA in public.

The Tiendesitas website is not updated: