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Writing Contest and Workshop

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Email below from my not-s0-secret Maven Secrets classmates:

“Hello fellow Mavens,

A few months ago Nina Terol-Zialcita, Nikka Sarthou and I formed “Writer’s Block Philippines”.
Over the years that the three of us have been freelancing, many people have asked us how we got started and how we keep on going.  We thought about putting together a writing workshop where we could share our knowledge and practical expertise on freelance writing as a career. We envisioned a workshop that would, as we were taught by Anton, harness each participant’s passion for writing and at the same time help him/her build a brand on-line.
Months after Sunday morning telecons on Skype, we are very proud to invite you to the very first writing workshop How to Jumpstart your Freelance Writing Career”, which will be on April 24 and 25, 2010.
This 1.5 day workshop will teach the participants practical tips and process-driven methods to get them started on freelance writing as a career.
Please see details below on writing contest we’re holding. Log-on to for the detailed course outline and other details about our workshop.
We’d be very happy if you could please pass on this e-invite to your respective networks.
Thank you!
Nina, Nikka, and Ana”
Yipes!  Just saw this in the drafts section!  Sorry, guys!
Anyway, posting this in case the workshop repeats.  My classmate Ardy Norberto said that the students were young, that his pamangkin attended it.  If I remember corrrectly, Anton Diaz said that there were about 20 students.

Photoblogging Class at The Collective

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I aped a classmate who also took a photo of this bike painting.

I like the empty space. How long before this place becomes Megamall/Greenhills/Galleria-like?

My classmates were concerned that the place was flood-prone.

I looked up the definitions of "courtyard" and "atrium."

Anton Diaz is in blue, Hershey's in red, Boy Kuripot is standing, Didi Paterno of waislife and lovingthedistance is in lavender.

A future holder of paintings. Today, a projector wall.

My classmates are Ana Santos of Sex and Sensibilities; Jinkee Umali of Calamba-Online, Nikka Sarthou, who, with Ana and Nina Terol-Zialcita (not in photo), formed Writers Block Philippines; Hershey Ang of Food Journal of Hershey.
I was aiming to take a photo of the commercial space.

I took this photo because it had a person, "Sundae" and some greenery.

The reflection of the plant on the window was also accidental.

What Cubao eXpo doesn't have.