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Is Paperless Green?

Posted in broadband,internet by yangiwei on April 10, 2010
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I enrolled our Globe broadband account in their paperless billing, so I always have soft copies of my bills–easier to keep track.  I figured that it would be easy to print out the bill anyway.  I was wrong.

When I printed it out–twice!–the font was too small.  “File” and the rest of the Menu disappears from the pop-up bill, so I PrtSced it.  I tried to enlarge the image and came up with a partial copy.  So that’s three pages that I wasted.  So far.

When I tried to forward my file to my cousin-in-law Claire Maspinas, I realized that I had not saved the bill.  When I tried to access my bill again, I couldn’t anymore.

Claire emailed me back to click on “File,” the usual way.  I had failed to inform her that the pop-up bill does not have a Menu.

Melanie Ringcor of Globe Customer Service told me thrice to check out the upper lefthand side of the page.  I insisted thrice that there was no menu, that I see “File” only before I click on “Mybill.”

She suggested that I paste the Print Screen image onto Paint, not Word.  I ended up with four pages per copy.  She suggested that I use Landscape instead of Portrait, which resulted in slightly bigger font, but still not as big as the paper bill.  There were big margins on top and on the left, so that the text on the right was cut.

Using Paint, I moved the bill to the upper lefthand side, and I changed the page layout so Page 1 of the bill fit into my letter-sized paper.

I got a readable result, but barely.  I would have wanted the font bigger, but Melanie said that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I called up Globe again to ask that I be reverted back to paper billing.  Cloud of Globe instructed me to email Globe.  He gave me the email address.  When he noticed that I wasn’t listening, he asked me if I had gotten it.  I said that I have emailed Globe a few times.  He said that he’ll still note that I asked for paper billing.  He did not say anything about returning my Jollibee GCs.

After I put down the phone, I checked out my Paint files, which I saved under My Documents.  The files had been converted to Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  The view size was 55%.  I changed the view size to 100%, printed out a copy.  Bigger font!  I tried 150%.  Slightly bigger copy!  All these times, I chose Full Page Fax Print.

I stopped printing after I had used up 14 pages!  Since yesterday.

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