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Best Book of the Year to Date

Posted in books,Filipino,Kobayashi Maru of Love by yangiwei on October 14, 2010


Carl Javier was the guest speaker at Firsts in Mozu Cafe.


Kobayashi Maru of Love now in Greenhills

I have made a list of non-Shelfari books that I’ve read, in my livespace blog. When I went to livespace a few nights ago, I’m told that it now has a partnership with wordpress, that everything will be transferred to wordpress. When I tried to access my blog, it was down.


Monica referred me to a possible contact.


So I give up on livespace.


His earlier books were published by Milflores and UP.


I had gone to Shelfari earlier, and was upset 🙂 that it did not have Kobayashi Maru of Love. Wasn’t it on Amazon? I can’t find it on now.


The author told me the other day that publishers here don't allow merchandising.


I think that I should stop being upset at local books not being on Shelfari. I should be more upset that Shelfari does not have them, as all the books that I’ve read this year are not on Shelfari. Maybe I can a bookshelf page here?


I don't think anyone bought a copy that day.


Incidentally, I only mentioned the post-break-up and in-relationship parts of Kobayashi. There is a third part, the dating part, which has the funniest Shakespeare part.


May I suggest Reyes Barbecue Bonifacio Stopover next time?



Firsts‘ was fun, but I think that Reyes Barbecue Bonifacio, with its function room, and communal clean washroom, would be a better venue next time.