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Pacific Plans Claims

The number listed in this document has been unreachable so far.

I got this claim procedure document from MTT.  Why is this document in Pacific Plans letterhead?  Does Pacific Plans still exist?

I also noticed that the list does not include any proof of enrollment, so it is no different from a pension plan.

So my earlier advice to her still stands: Just take the money as soon as possible.  Don’t defer until you will use it for your Masters in Nursing next year.


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  1. JOHANNA Z ISAIS said,


    • yangiwei said,

      Thanks for your comment, Johanna. Have you tried calling the always-busy number? Sorry, I’m not connected with Pacific Plans at all, but I know how desperate you must feel.

  2. jazmin arzaga said,

    I need help. Where and whom to see for my Pacific Plans Pre-Need Educ Plans that just mature 16th of August 2010. I did not receive any letter yet for claim instruction. I’m currently living abroad. Please guide me.

    Looking forward for this is my daughters school fund that I have fully paid and
    save for 10 years.

    Thank you

    • yangiwei said,

      Will try to contact someone who’s processing his sister’s plan. His sister is abroad.

    • yangiwei said,

      Did you authorize someone here to transact on your behalf? Emailed my friend abroad and her brother here na, to find out what they did.

    • yangiwei said,

      Jazmin, I got an email from my friend’s brother, who is handling the claim for her since she is abroad:

      ‘[Planholder] did execute an SPA authorizing me to get her claim. The thing w/ [Planholder]’s claim is that she lost her policy. My solution for that was for her to execute an affidavit of loss. As soon as we complete the documents, will be able to claim already. There’s actually a schedule and site for the claim depending on the member’s policy w/c was sent to us.’

      Hope this info is helpful to you.

      Johanna, I’ve also asked him if he knows of any new numbers.

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  4. jazmin arzaga said,

    Happy to post my experience claiming my mature Pre-Need policy.

    Pacific plans Claims office is now at Chatham House, 12th Floor, Corner Leviste St. & VA Rufino St. Bgy. Salcedo, Makati.
    Their services is very good as long as you have all the requirements it won’t take an hour to wait. A pink slip will be given with you and ask to comeback after 15 days to process your cheque.
    Don’t phone them, difficult to get through.

    • yangiwei said,

      Kelita, please see jazmin arzaga’s comment. ty, jazmin. would you happen to know the number of the Chatham office?

    • yangiwei said,

      Jazmin, thanks for your comment. I happen to work in Chatham House. I was there last week. The best places to park are: Salcedo Park because of the lovely trees and the big slot allotted per car (P 30 for first two hours, P 10 next hour), except on Fridays when it’s unavailable because of the Salcedo Market setup the next day; if Salcedo Park is unavailable, which is often, try the parking lot on Valero St. between Insular Life Bldg. and PBCom. P 30 for first two hours, P 20 for the next hour, no grace period, very small parking space per car. This is where I parked yesterday. Twice. I don’t park on the street because I’m afraid that I’ll take longer than two hours and find my car towed.

  5. Jinggoy said,

    I am also a pre-need College planholder of Pacific Plans and been searching where is their Office is and it’s glad to see a posts here on where and how to. My College plan matured early 2012 and my daughter is now in 2nd year College.

    I need to claim also whatever they will be returning, either the plan or something else.

    Thanks and need to verify if this is still valid to claim….

    • yangiwei said,

      I went to their Chatham House office last month, I think. I misplaced the piece of paper that they gave me. I remember that you can send a rep with authorization to submit the documents but you need an SPA to claim the check.

      • Jinggoy said,

        Is this true? Why you need SPA to claim the check? DId you got your check already? If I will be going to their place by Jeepney, which route I will ride?

        If by taxi, am sure they know the place… I am not Familiar with Makati Area as there are a lot of One-way and limited parking spaces if I will drive.

        Appreciate your inputs. Thank you

      • yangiwei said,

        Sorry I wasn’t clear. Special Power of Attorney and authorization are needed if you are sending a rep. Sorry I drive e, but I can give you directions if you are going by cab. Where are you coming from?

        If from Makati Avenue, turn right at Paseo de Roxas/Peninsula Court Bldg., turn right at the first corner/Villar St./Citibank, turn left at the end/Valero, turn left at 2nd corner/Rufino(formerly Herrera)/Chocolate Fire. It’s on the second block, right side.

        My sister claimed her Pacific Plans check about a month before hell came crashing down. I just dropped by the Pacific Plans office to help out my readers.

        Good luck, Jinggoy. And hope you can keep us posted so you can help the planholders who will go, too.

      • yangiwei said,

        jinggoy, where are you coming from? Here’s a map to Chatham House.

  6. elizabeth cereno said,

    gud day…we are a pacific memorial plan holder…is your company still exist? what’s is your new telephone number

  7. rhan said,


    I am located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. I was looking for some old documents in our closet last night when i found my dad’s receipt from Pacific Plans Inc. Its a memorial plan, to be specific and it dated 1989. My dad then told me that he’s already fully paid with his plan and asked me if I can search how check his membership, his plan and how to claim it. Upon loo

  8. dee said,

    Hi, my cousin is asking me to help him process his pension plan policy with pacific plans. Do they still accept claims and which number do we call?

  9. dee said,

    Can someone help me please.


    My Grandmother who had recently passed away last September 9, 2013. She acquired her plan last October 16, 1981, PNA no. 167135-9.

    In the above mentioned requirements in order to file a claim is that there must be a certificate of full payment in which sadly to say we don’t have in possession. The only thing we have is the policy plan itself. We also have a copy of Death Certificate of my Grand Mother.

    Can you advise us on what to do and on how to claim this?

    Please do reply @

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.

    Lucena City

  11. cristina A. Lim said,

    hi, this is cristina A. Lim we are pacific memorial plan to claim ?

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