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About Me

This blog  has the same intention as my multiply blog, which has been down more often than up the past couple of months.  San Juan to Makati was intended to be my venue for posting my Appetite articles under my pseudonym, until Appetite published my latest article with my real name.  So I’m reacting to the news here, using my pseudonym to protect the identities of family, friends and me.  I also intend to post my PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association, not the Ethical Treatment of Animals org) reviews here, as I am a PETA blogger, along with my Carnation Food Tour memories.

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  1. sining said,

    Hi there! read your blog with interest. you seem to have an interest in the visual arts. might i interest you and your friends to visit us at the gateway mall 4th floor in wow cubao? there is no pressure to buy. just come on over and enjoy the beautiful artworks. cheers.

    • yangiwei said,

      ty for your comment. why not? last time i was in Cubao was for my class, and before that, to meet Jeepney people. don’t have any plans of going to Cubao, though. why don’t you email me the photos of the art you sell? i’m most interested in art that are uniquely Pinoy, for my balikbayan friends.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • yangiwei said,

      Hi, ReadersHeaven! Have we met or do you mean here? Cool site! I plan to download some of the books!

  3. jehzlau said,

    hi [yangiwei]! napadaan lng sa blog u. ^_^

    • yangiwei said,

      Jehz! Musta na? Sorry to reply only now. I saw your comment a while back but didn’t have time to reply at the time. Thanks for dropping by.

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