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Astoria Boracay’s Room 213

Posted in Astoria Boracay,Boracay,room,travel,visayas by yangiwei on September 20, 2010

I suspect that this is across our balcony.

One of the guys who wanted to be my Astoria Boracay roommate was MA.  I told him that it was a good thing that I didn’t invite him, as the Astoria washroom door was like badminton singles service i.e. long and narrow.  I would have preferred a doubles door, short and wide.

The door of Room 213 was so long that it made a dragging sound on the carpet whenever it was opened or closed.  It was so narrow that, from inside the washroom, I could  clearly see my roommate going to her bed.  And vice-versa, I suppose.  And there was no  hiding behind a wall, too.  Or a shower curtain, as there was none!

Our room had a vault, which I appreciated especially since we didn't have one at Balai Isabel.

My roommate complained that the water pressure was not strong, from zero, which was fixed the day after we called it in.  I told her that since the glass covered only maybe about a third of the shower area, that a stronger pressure would flood the washroom.

My complaint was that I could hardly figure out the controls.

Aside from the water, we also had an outlet and the wifi fixed.  Roommate said that she would give Astoria Bora 10/10 for trying.  The front desk, for example, called up the tech guy at night but we couldn’t get anywhere because the front desk obviously had no idea what I was talking about, when I said that I couldn’t even get a signal, so I couldn’t input the network key or the like.

Our curtains were often open, too, as there was only one set of neighbors that passed us.

The plumbing guy went to our room within the same night that I called it in, even though I had requested for repair the next day, as Roommate wanted to sleep already.  I let him in the same night.

Photos: Teddy Concon, Reservations Officer, Astoria Boracay

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