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Motorcycle Accident on Quirino

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San Andres, Tondo

On our way home from watching CATS the other night, we stopped for a red light on Quirino Highway when I saw a woman taking a photo of a truck with the engine still running.  Why was the engine still running?  There were no vehicles in front of the truck.  That’s when the truck woke me up from my CATS stupor, and I took photos.  We could not see the motorcycle rider anymore.  I did not see any policemen.  We also did not see any blood, so hopefully, the rider was unhurt.  I tried taking photos without, then with, flash, when the truck license plate DWG 795 is clearer.  I don’t have the motorcycle license plate.

A reason to bring a camera everywhere.

So even though I didn’t get to use my camera for CATS, at least there was another use for it.

Is the printed pink cloth a seat cover?

I couldn’t find anything online on this accident.  Can you?

LC said that the lights lifted her mood.

I like to think that the pajama-looking cloth that I see in the photos was not something that a passenger or the rider wore.

My Canon Ixus 100 could have easily passed asa cellphone.

When I saw someone taking photos during the CATS intermission with what looked like a Nikon Coolpix, I wonder if I should have lied about bringing my camera, especially since RKL had mistaken it for a cell phone.  Although Anton had mentioned in OAP that cameras are not allowed in, I had read elsewhere about the audience abusing their photo privileges.  I guess that the writer was referring to camera phones.

San Andres, Manila

Motorcycle found under truck after La Marque hit-and-run

Ateneo Rockwell Mass tomorrow

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I only go to Ateneo Masses, and Rockwell has A/C.

I got a text from someone in charge of the Ateneo Rockwell Mass, confirming that there will be a Mass at 5:15 pm tomorrow, a Saturday.  I’ve been texting this person over the years, but I have no idea who he or she is.  I’ve asked the people handling the Mass for their cellphone numbers, and one lady told me to check the board.  That’s assuming that I go to Mass there regularly.

My friend's aunt told me about this.

I prefer the homilies and choirs at Ateneo Loyola, but I find it too hot.

I wish the Mass skeds were online.

I only go to Ateneo Masses because I feel that the Ateneo Jesuits put some heart into the Mass.  So does Fr. Johnny Go, but again, Mary the Queen has no A/C.

I forget the name of the chapel now.

I’m bringing a friend, N, to the Ateneo Rockwell Mass.  I don’t think that she has ever been there, even though she is an ADMU alumna.  She hasn’t been to Mass in a year, I think.

An elevator goes up to the chapel.

I had brought a client, LLA, to Ateneo Loyola for Mass. She thanked me, and got hooked.  She had stopped going to Mass because the Masses in Cavite where she lived, were in Pinoy.  She really appreciated the homilies at Ateneo Loyola.

Photo taken by Niraj Ranjit, who went to his first Mass at the Church of the Gesu.

Catholic Masses in Manila

Is the Thai airport blockade covered by travel insurance?

The week-long siege lasted from November to December 2007.


Yes, according to MTB of the Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. travel claims deparment, civil commotion is covered.

The Thai blockade is considered a civil commotion.

Insurance News from Ritchie Baird

Client needs to produce airline certification on the number of days that flight was delayed, plus a newspaper article, hard copy or from the internet.  Blue Cross pays $ 100 per day, upto 10 days, under their Executive De Luxe Plan.  Client can also claim from the trip cancellation, trip termination and baggage delay clauses.

Blue Cross has more extensive civil commotion cover than Chartis.

ABC News

In case of the Icelandic volcano, Blue Cross policies do not indicate coverage for natural disasters, but for humanitarian and goodwill reasons, Blue Cross paid for flight and baggage delays, trip cancellation and trip termination.  In the future, Blue Cross cannot say whether it will pay for similar situations.

Chartis only covers flight delay in case of civil commotion.

Travel Insurance Review

Blue Cross covers baggage delay, trip termination and cancellation due to civil commotion: Chartis doesn't.

An Irishman in Ghana

Chartis considers the Icelandic volcano case a precedent; Blue Cross does not.


Travel Insurance and the Icelandic volcano

Travel Insurance and the Icelandic Volcano

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I don't even know how to pronounce the name of this volcano.

BBC News

My friend said that, with events like the Thai airport blockade and the eruption of the unpronounceable Icelandic volcanoEyjafjallajokull, that people are now more aware of travel insurance.

Blue Cross covers strikes and hijacks.

I asked GA of Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. how clients can claim from these two events.  She said that the client can claim only trip cancellation coverage from the blockade.  The Chartis Travel Guard brochure says that trip cancellation pays for the ‘loss of travel fare and/or accommodation expenses paid in advance and not refundable in case trip had to be cancelled due to the following events occurring within 30 days before the departure date:

  • Death, serious injury or sickness of the Insured Person, spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, grandparent, brother, sister, business partner or co-director.
  • Unexpected outbreak of strike, riot or civil commotion at the planned destination.’

Chartis used to be AIU, which used to be Philam Insurance.

Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. has a similar provision.  The Travel Insurance Plans brochure says that the Trip Cancellation provision ‘provides reimbursement for the unused and non-refundable portion of your travel and accommodation expenses which have been paid in advance, if your trip is cancelled within 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date.  The cancellation must be due to death, life threatening condition or sickness of the Insured, or his immediate family member which require emergency medical attention, or due to unexpected outbreak of strike, riot or civil commotion at the planned destination.’

Chartis Insurance

Note that Blue Cross coverage does not include co-director and parent-in-law.

GA responds to email within the day. I need to call or text Blue Cross to get a response.

Blue Cross

As for the volcano, GA sent me this email:

‘Per advice of Regional travel, the Iceland volcanic eruption, a natural disaster, may be considered as “severe weather condition” which is a covered reason under our flight delay benefit.’

"Could another volcano erupt soon?"

BBC News

The Travel Guard brochure says this about flight delay:

‘Reimburses expenses if flight is delayed for more than 12 hours due to severe weather conditions, stirke of airline personnel or equipment failure of aircraft.”

My friend says that P 2,000 is not enough to pay for hotel accommodations.

CrossFit Saskatoon

The policy says, ‘This insurance will allow for a maximum of eight (8) payments for every twelve (12)-hour delay.’

GA says that the flight delay provision covers meals, transportation to and from the airport and accommodations.


As per Chartis Travel Guard Global brochure, the amount of coverage  is “Up to P 2,000 per 12 hours.”

Blue Cross premium is about 53% higher than Chartis'.


Although Blue Cross’ brochure says that the flight delay coverage is on reimbursement basis, their Claims Department and JC of the Travel Sales Department told me that the coverage is a flat amount, for example, $ 100 under their Executive De Luxe Plan.

For 19-day travel, Chartis premium is P 2,161; Blue Cross, $ 73.


Should a Window Fall to the Ground

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Legaspi Village, Makati

My client said that Basyang caused her condo unit’s window to almost fall to the ground.  She said that only a third of the window was still attached to her unit.

At the right is BDO, formerly Equitable PCIBank Tower

According to CM of Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc., her condo building’s insurance’s Acts of God provision can take care of the window.  According to JA of Chartis, the building’s coverage will not take care of the car or passerby that the window hits.  The car’s Acts of God coverage will respond to the damage.  According to GA of Chartis, Accident coverage includes Acts of God.  Incidentally, now prefers to use the term Acts of Nature, in lieu of Acts of God. 🙂

Pacific Star and BDO?

My client also asks, what happens if her maid’s negligence causes water to leak to the condo unit below?  CM says that this is covered under my client’s third party liability insurance, which is part of her fire insurance.

Chartis' condo tenant's insurance includes third party liability.


Mercury Drug Raffle Submission Over

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The refill lasts me years.

After I had filled up five raffle coupons at Mercury Drug Broadway, which we went to because of its ample parking and proximity, we had about 4 mm of coupons left.

According to TSA, Cross replaces lost or damaged pen parts for free. For life.

When I got home, I was on the phone with a friend when I wondered aloud about raffles.  Of all the ICAns and Xavierians that we knew over the decades, how come I know of only person winning a Unimart raffle?  That was in the late 70s or early 80s, and the prize was a salbabida.  My source was the winner’s sister.

TSA had lost or damaged the rocket ship of his pen, and got another pen in exchange for his handicapped pen.

Also, have you heard anyone ever winning a Mercury Drug raffle?

My Math consultant friend ES said that it was mathematically possible to win the sweepstakes with a certain amount of tickets. If it were fair.

Have you heard anyone winning any raffle anywhere?

I had tried to claim maybe Gatorade from Mercury Broadway and was told that it was beyond redemption period.

I am the luckiest person in the world, not just because we only had a little leak last Ondoy, but because I can get parking in Megamall, Greenhills Shopping Center on a weekend, Sanctuario de San Antonio on a high-traffic Holy Day, right beside Terrazzo restos, and almost anywhere.

Showing The Good Wife.

I have won a Sony TV and a Cross pen at a Philam Asset Management Inc. raffles, both of which we still use today, overnight stay at Amanpulo at a travel agency raffle, SkyCable tickets to Memoirs of a Geisha and Fame, and the following tsiong wans (top prize in tyong chu, or Mooncake Festival, pardon my non-Pin Yin):

cash prize


portable black-and-white tv that I lugged around from room to room.

The Good Wife on the Velvet Channel

But these are mostly private raffles.

It's in the living room because it was too big for my room.

I have friends who have friends who had won L300s at Landmark raffles when Landmark was new.

Has anyone seen Nurse Jackie?

I had delayed the filling up of the Mercury Drug raffle coupons because I wanted to check the zip codes of Legaspi Village and Kalookan City.  Am I turning into Sheldon of Big Bang Theory?

Quarter turn, now.

And after saying that the probability of winning a Mercury Drug raffle is low, I am sorry that the deadline for submission of coupons was yesterday.  I even emailed Mercury Drug to ask if the raffle was over. Women! 🙂