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How many Sessionistas have there been?

Since a guard once told me that photography was not allowed, I quickly took this shot.  I wanted to take the photo of the Tiendesitas activities, since there was a bulldog show, but a guard was nearby.

Shopping for decor at Tiendesitas last June 4, a relatively cooler day.

So much trouble from the mall that I’m promoting!

On my Canadian-Tsinoy balikbayan friends' frequently bought list.

I wonder what happened to the previous winners.  Does Tiendesitas hire them?

Three of my Canadian-Tsinoy friends bought chimes.

More than five years ago, my client and I were having so-so halo-halo at around 5 pm in the Tiendesitas open food court when we heard a Bee Gees song.  We looked at each other, surprised and smiling, then hopped over to see Real Groove.  The band had more than the usual guitar and keyboard, and they sounded even better than the Bee Gees, with their updated take on 70s songs.  At the end of their set, they thanked the two ladies–us–for singing along with them.

A pasalubong for nieces back in Canada.

We bumped into Real Groove at the construction exhibit also at Tiendesitas after their first set, where we found out that Real Groove also played at Katips and Hotel Nikko.  They had been performing for years.  Sadly, I have not heard from Real Groove since, not in any of the times that I had been to Tiendesitas after.  I even asked Moy Ortiz of The Company if he has ever heard of Real Groove, and he said no. Isn’t there a local band website?  I couldn’t find Real Groove online.

The tindera packed the decor in boxes.

Jon Santos Back in Teatrino

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NT, who is here on vacation for about two weeks (?), wants to know if Library and Laffline Comedy Bar on Timog Ave. are still alive.   I found a Library post dated 2008.  During the Maven Secrets Photoblogging Class in Cubao, I was under the impression that Malate is now Koreatown, and the Cubao Shoe Expo is the new Malate, or what’s left of it.

I took this photo of a photo for the photoblogging class.

I found a Laffline comment dated six months ago.

I think Ate Domet Atienza would know if Laffline is still open?

Photo: ClickTheCity

Comedy Cartel performs at Votre Bar in South Triangle, Quezon City, on Thursdays.  The only time that I saw Comedy Cartel was at UTT 4.0.  The sound system was so bad, I couldn’t hear the jokes even though standing within spitting distance from a comedian.

Chuckle-funny from the seats in the lobby, but I couldn't see the comedians from there.

On July 29, SPIT performs at the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, and at the Hexagon Lounge at RCBC Plaza.  The group performs at Capone’s Bistro at A. Venue on August 4 and 18 and at Hexagon again on the 5th, and Cafe Scientifique at Bonifacio High Street on August 7.  When my Canadian balikbayan friends (CBF) were here, we caught SPIT at Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street.  I loved it!  Thanks to my Tina (who was then a de Vega) for referring me to SPIT.

The funniest guy in the group is gay.

Photo: S.P.I.T. Silly People’s Improv Theater

My CBF went to the Wilson branch.


Stand-up comedy in the Philippines mentions Zirkoh, which my CBF found so gay.

His new show includes spoofs of Kris and Pnoy.

Photo: Best Online Media

Jon Santos will be at Teatrino on July 31, August 20 and 21.  I think that this would be the funniest act in all of Metro Manila.  I laughed so hard just reading the write-ups on him.

How to start a site

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For iPhone apps.

I gave VR an idea for a site, based on his superpowers, a term I learned from Maven Secrets.

Or, instead of choosing between platforms, just download wordpress.

He greeted me through chat last week, “Hi, blogger.”

Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between content, colors and platform.

I asked him about his site.

Plus: features a lot of posts at the same time.

He said that he didn’t know how to start.

For those whose photos are their strong suit.

I advised him to go to instantdomainsearch (something I learned from Red Media) and check out the possible names for his site.  He said that he didn’t have any names in mind.  I told him to come up with a list, just write them down, and let them soak overnight, then eliminate names in cold blood.  I also looked up his keyword + .com, and added ph, philippines, pinoy to it.  Philippines and Pinoy were taken, but not ph!

Can track Twitter keywords.

I then told him about my WordPress vs. Blogspot post, which I’m updating with my comments below:

How to Create Your Own Website

Is this applicable to Metro Manila?


After consulting with Maven Secrets Founder and Teacher Anton Diaz, I learned that some wordpress themes don’t allow headers.

Includes Fb, vimeo, twitter.


What I like about blogspot is that you can edit text while uploading photos.  In wordpress, while you upload photos, you can’t edit text.

What I like about wordpress, over blogspot, is you can caption photos, and control where in the post you can put your photos.  In blogspot, the photos are inserted in the same place, with no captions.

Experimental daw?


Akismet has done a good job with my wordpress blogs so far, maybe because I get 40+ views on a good day.  Maven Secrets coursemate Jhoey Hernandez of Pinoy Organics said that Akismet is not good enough for her.  She has 844 fans.


I’ve removed my sticky since Anton said that it’s an old post.

Woo Theme Shopping

I joined Robinsons Land

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Call your recruiter upon arrival.

My friend met a Robinsons Land Sales Manager who was looking for Account Managers.  She asked me if I was interested to apply.  Robinsons is developing Magnolia Residences, which we thought would be sellable to the ICA-Xavier market.  There was an allowance of P 8,000 a month for three months, with a quota of P 7,000,000, which is a unit.  I said that I would like to help the Sales Manager.  We later learned that Magnolia was not one of the focus projects, that the focus projects were in Valero, the Valle 1 area, and Lourdes Drive.  Great locations!  There was even the option of including Kenneth Cobonpue designs in one’s unit!  This means that although we could earn commission for sales, sales from non-focus projects would not be credited to the quota.

A real estate broker said not to judge a developer by their office.

The Robinsons Land Grand Showroom is on Level 1, near Yellow Cab.  I was told to go to Level 2, but the lady guard by the elevator and the elevator lady told me that it was on Level 1.  I went down some stairs to get to the showroom.  I later asked the Sales Manager if this used to be Mercury Drug.  She said that Mercury Drug was at the other end, that this office used to be JG Summit.

My real estate broker contact said that the Landco offices did not look good, but Puntafuego does.

The first thing that struck me about the showroom was how good it looked.  Being a Gokongwei office, I had expected something more basic.  There was a little roach in one of the comfort rooms–room, not cubicle, mind you, but real estate broker CYdA said that, even though cleanliness should be a basic thing that can be easily done, that she assesses a developer by its developments, not by its offices.

At least, there was no line in the bathroom.

At the end of the day, I became a realty associate, which meant that I could become an Account Manager after I close a sale.  Fair enough.

The best part of the application process had to do with transferring and altering photos.

Fernando Sena’s golf and Pinoy paintings

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This photo is for my golf enthusiast classmates, Rac and Ardy.

I know someone who Fernando Sena has offered painting lessons to.  I asked her if Sena (as in ‘call cennuh’) accepted kids.  His multiply site, from where all the photos in this post are from,  says that he accepts students from ages six up.  I had heard of him before.

Is this Pinoy or Spanish?

In his multiply site, I like best his Cabbage Patch dolls, nudes and his houses.  I’m not really into abstracts, but his abstracts are probably the only ones that elicited any kind of reaction from me.

This photo is for my balikbayan friends.

The golf photo reminded me of my Maven Secrets classmates, one of whom, Rac, owns  I had told her and another Maven Secrets classmate, Ardy Roberto, about an artist whose golf paintings were a sellout, according to my Ateneo classmate, JP.  JP couldn’t understand why the paintings sold out, as they were quite dark.  J asked a buyer, who said that the artist captured the tension of golf.  Now if I can only remember the name of the artist.  Rac, Ardy, do you remember his name?  I hope that it comes to me the way it did a few hours later, when I mentioned this artist to Rac and Ardy.

Rubio still seems more interesting than Sena, though.

I’m also interested in his paintings of Pinoy stuff like buko, houses, pan de sal, for my Rubio-loving balikbayan friends.  Looking at Sena’s paintings might make them realize how distinct Dominic Rubio‘s works are.

I have another friend who's in the market for landscape paintings.

As I write this post, I think of Yellow Paintings, and an installation exhibit that I had not written about yet.  Now that’s the kind of stuff I’d like to own.

Photo courtesy of Galerie Joaquin - Podium.

Charice at McKinley Hill tonight

In Karen Davila's show this morning, Charice talks about how Oprah stopped her plane.


If my balikbayan friends were here, I would bring them to see Charice’s free concert at Eastwood Mall.  Her McKinley Hill concert will also be free.

With Vernie Varga, Joey Albert, Gino Padilla and The CompanY

Photo: Philippine Star

My balikbayan friends would prefer OPM with Basil, Vernie, Joey, Gino and The CompanY, but I’m not willing to drive all the way to SMX.  If we had a driver, then I would prefer OPM Through the Years to Charice, since the latter would be singing Pyramid and her birit covers, probably.  The only Charice song I like is Dianne Warren‘s “A note to God.”  Have you met any Dianne Warren song that you didn’t like?

Gary, Martin and their kids.

The As 1 repeat tonight is a definite goer: two music legends at an accessible venue, never mind that it floods there and it’s the rainy season.  Anyway, there are no typhoons expected today.  Despite all the flak that PAGASA has been getting, it has been more accurate than, say, a decade ago.

Thanks to Moy Ortiz for this photo.

At Fully Booked/Music One at Megamall, I had pointed out the As 1 CD to  a balikbayan friend, who listened to it and said that it was very good.  Beside the As 1 CD was Jed Madela‘s, which she listened to.  She said that Jed was not as good as Martin and Gary.  Did I say that Jed was good? 🙂

Charlie Green seems out of place is in this concert.

Photo: Noypi Tayo

The other Pinoy concert to watch out for is another Charice concert, this time more of a David Foster thing, with Ruben Studdard, etc.  If I remember correctly, the name of the Asian tour concert is You’re the inspiration, and it will be on October 23.

Danny Javier called her a traffic violation.

Photo: DubaiBase

Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas closed tomorrow

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Closed tomorrow, 5 am to 9 am

I saw this sign yesterday at Paseo de Roxas corner Ayala Avenue (Salcedo Village side, where Tower One is) and Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue: “Traffic Advisory: This Road Closed to Traffic: 10 July 2010 – 5 to 9 am.”    Why do signs like this need to say, “Please take alternative route?”  Without that part of the sign, will the motorist insist of still driving on the closed road?

At the end of the road is BPI on Ayala cor. Paseo de Roxas.

Is there a race? only lists a race in Cebu.

The red building on the right is PSBank.

I could not find an explanation either in the Makati portal or elsewhere.

All photos taken on April 29.

Woo Theme Shopping

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I'm looking for San Juan- and Makati-colored Woo Themes.

San Juan‘s seal is light blue, royal blue, yellow and red.

Makati's seal is yellow, light green and light blue.

Photos: Wikipedia and Wikipedia.

I wonder if I could hide the booking option in the Calendar.

I wonder if it will look too multi-colored.  Of all the Woo Themes, I  initially liked Diarise because it seems to be the only with a calendar.  But when I took it for a test drive, I only saw blog post and About.  Where’s the calendar?  I tried to customize the colors, but none of them came out.  The FAQ listed general questions about WordPress.  I could only see the topics in Support Forum.  One would need to be a member to post and view the answers to the questions.

Next to Diarise, I like Live Wire because it seems to show the most articles in one page.

I don’t know if this is Woo Themes in general, or Diarise, but I saw Feedburner, Google Analytics, and Contact Form.

10 posts on the welcome page, but what's with all the blank space?

Live Wire has a Video portion, which I hope that I can hide/unhide now that I still don’t know how to upload videos.  Its archives, which includes the last 30 posts, something that San Juan to Makati doesn’t have now, are a page, instead of displayed on the side like in San Juan to Makati.  I like this, as it makes the site look neater.  I didn’t understand the Categories.  Do these refer to how much space the post takes on the front page?

Also shows a lot of posts on the front page.

Woo!  The Journal shows more posts on the front page than Live Wire pala, and it has a Calendar!  Move over, Diarise! The Journal doesn’t have a video section.  Plus or minus?  The More Styles option section doesn’t seem to work.

Seemed to be apt for me, until I saw that it was meant for design portfolios.

Oh, the portfolio refers to articles!  I thought that portfolio automatically means videos or photos!  I don’t like Geometric‘s tag cloud as it looks messy.  I also don’t like twitter, as I have a hard time accessing it.  Don’t really care for Find Me Elsewhere.  What’s a text widget? Archive includes last 30 posts, Category, Month.

9 articles on the welcome page!

Canvas tags are different-sized like Multiply‘s.  I like Popular, Latest and Comments.  Shucks, the photos move automatically!  I’m in love!  The Page Template moves too fast, though, and I don’t know how to control it.  Also like the layout options, upto 3 col. right, left or middle!

Videos, Gallery, moving photos, Author Info, Category Descriptions.

I wish that the demos would show the most popular WordPress blog with that particular Theme, to show how the Theme acts in real life.  This would make it easier for an online dummy like me to understand, and to see its possibilities.  WordPress could pay the featured blog a minimal fee or even just bragging rights. If I were the featured blogger, I would consider it an honor and free publicity.

Vimeo, Fb, Twitter, Flickr, Sponsors, Blogroll, Recent Comments, Sponsors.

Getting a Schengen Visa at the Netherlands Embassy

I asked Joyleen of Filman Travel why EFY and ASUY were going to the Netherlands Embassy.   I had thought that you could just go to any of the embassies of the Schengen countries that you were going to.  Because it was where the Ys were staying the longest, she said.

P. Guevarra traffic was hardly moving, so we tried this road.

The Royal Netherlands Embassy to the Philippines is at 26th Floor, Equitable PCI Bank Tower, 8751 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.  It is across Tower One and beside BA Lepanto, between Sedeno and Villar.  It surprises me that it is still not named BDO like the other Equitable PCI on Makati Avenue and the Equitable building on Paseo corner Sen. Gil Puyat. We passed the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge, turned right at J. P. Rizal, turned left at the gas station/Nicanor Garcia, turn right at Sen. Gil Puyat, turn right at Zuellig Loop, the same route as in The Way From Makati to San Juan, except that after turning left at V. A. Rufino, we turned left at Valero, turned right at the Valero Access Road after Paseo Center.  The road where Kitaro is, is one way coming out, so we turned right at the other end of the Access Road.  Equitable was the blue building, right after BA LepantoEquitable is the second building on the left.

Coming from St. John's Academy street, we ended up in Blumentritt.

Filman had advised the Ys to bring their bank statement, copies of travel insurance policies (Blue Cross automatically prepares two copies per policy, one original for the Insured, and a pink copy for the Embassy), and photos.  The Ys also brought their old passports, which showed that they had been to Europe before.

Note the tower and the jeep.

According to the Netherlands Embassy site, you need to have 30,000 Euros worth of travel insurance. At yesterday’s Euro-Philippine Peso exchange rate of 58.476, that’s P 1,754,197.083.

We were on the road at around 7:30 am.

The Netherlands Embassy opens at 9 am, but the Ys were called at 8:30 am.  Necy Germones of Filman got numbers 1 and 2 at 7:15 am.  Before the Ys, RT was there from 10 am and was very hungry by the time he got home at around 4 pm.

We were back in San Juan before 10 am.

Incidentally, St. John’s is on Jose Gil St. but I can’t find the street in the 2010 PLDT Household and Business Directory map.

From Shakey's banner street.

WordPress v. Blogspot

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This post is for Maven Secrets classmate MK.

Blogger vs. WordPress Comparison Chart talks about customization for blogger, which I’ve never tried. It is silent on Woo Themes.

My comments on the comparison chart below:

Visitor stats

This turned the tide in favor of WordPress.    I’m always excited to see how quickly and how many people view my blog, and which posts they view.  I wish that wordpress would say which pages people view, too.  Reminds me of Fraggle Rock, where a graph shows up right after a performance.

Image storage: I’ve made 478 published posts in a blogspot blog.  I usually post the maximum five photos per post, about 428 of which used Netbook 1-megapixel Webcam or cellphone VGA photos.  The rest of the photos were grabbed from the Web or taken with my 12-megapixel camera. In all, I’ve probably posted about 2,390 photos.  The drafts usually don’t have photos.   I don’t know how much space I’ve used already.

San Juan to Makati has about 99 published posts and 19 pages.  My last three posts had 19 photos in all, or a mean of 6 per post.  My latest three pages had 12, or a mean of 4.  That makes 670 photos, all grabbed from the Web or taken with the 12-megapixel.

This post has no photos, because something’s wrong and I can’t figure it out!  I still have 90+% space left!


Number of posts are visible in blogspot, for all to see.

In wordpress, the blogger sees the figure in the Dashboard.  Or are there Themes that show the number of blog posts?  Went over the Woo Themes and didn’t notice any.

I kept on updating The Collective because it was homework for our photoblogging class.  Then the sticky option came up and I clicked on it.  Then it’s always the first post that everyone sees when they go to San Juan to Makati.

Optional excerpts

Still don’t know how to do this, after attending professional blogging class twice.

Post by email

I like blogspot because I can send each post to myself.  There’s a changeable list of ten email addresses that I can send my posts to.


I like it that I can edit comments in wordpress.  I can remove my name, and substitute it with my username.  Akismet has been doing a good job so far.

My blogspot gets spam.

Blog List

WordPress has links.

I don’t know how to show off what I read in Blogspot.  The posts to blogs that I subscribe to surface in the Dashboard.  It would be cool if someone else had my blog in their Dashboard.


Easy to add in Blogspot.

Still haven’t figured it out in WordPress.


Can add Google Adsense in Blogspot.  MK is leaning towards blogspot.

Not in WordPress. MK was worried that she might need to transfer to another place, when her blog becomes successful and she has ads.  Can’t she maintain her wordpress then just add hosting?


WordPress has nicer Woo Themes, which I haven’t tried yet.

Top Clicks

I’d be interested to use this in WordPress, although I don’t know how yet.


In WordPress, you can hyperlink to another post, so that a post can have two pingbacks even though I just hyperlinked to one.  For example, there are three related posts.  I hyperlink the latest one to the second latest one.  I hyperlink the second latest one to the oldest one.  The second latest one would have comments linking it to oldest and newest, automatically.

In Blogspot, you would need to hyperlink 1 to 2 and 3, 2 to 1 and 3, 3 to 1 and 2.


I don’t know how to make a make a page in blogspot.


Hmm.  I just learned from the Comparison post, how to use the Gallery in wordpress.

I don’t know how to use Picasa.