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Pacific Plans Numbers

Posted in Pacific Plans by yangiwei on March 11, 2010
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AT called me up regarding his sis MT’s Pacific Plans educ plan.  He said that she would like to transfer her plan to someone in Canada, that the total payments were P 50k+, and the maturity value is P 70k+ this July.  The educ plan has been converted from open-ended to fixed value, meaning the maturity value is total payments plus a fixed interest rate.  He wanted to know if transferring the plan would mean converting it to fixed.  I told him that it is already been converted to fixed plan.  And what do you gain from transferring it?  How much do you sell it for?  P 60k+?  And how long will the transfer take?  Wouldn’t it take as long as claiming the maturity value?

Pacific Plans can’t even handle the basic stuff, like answering the phone, how can they do non-standard stuff like transfers?

I tried to email my badminton tourney partner DS, who told me years ago about claiming from her Pacific Plans plan, but she said that her last Pacific Plans claim was four years ago.

Judging from this post, it seems that a lot of people are in the same boat with nowhere to go.

Thanks to Ms. Naty Yap, for giving me the numbers of APEC (formerly Pacific Plans): 

8125145 8129614 8564052

Can anyone verify these numbers?

She said that APEC will ask the client to get health care coverage, just as she would offer health care coverage to people who want assistance on their educ plan claims.  I asked her what happens if the client doesn’t want to get health coverage.  She said, then they would need to process the claim themselves.

I asked her why she would stick to a company like Pacific Plans, when she can get more clients with the same effort if she were accredited with PhilamLife, PhilPlans or PhilHealth Care.  She said that she was a senior citizen, and it would be years in the future when she would be servicing her clients if they were to get a plan from her today.


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  1. JANET P.DE CASTRO said,


  2. yangiwei said,

    Thanks for your comment, Ms. de Castro. This blog is not connected to Pacific Plans. Have you tried calling the numbers above?

  3. Analita E. Malabanan said,

    Dear Pacific plans inc personnel,

    I would like t verify the ststus of my PNA Number:300369-8….Just in case we encountered emergency problem..What is your direct contact in your office or who’s personnel name can i contact immidiately..

    My pre need agreement memorial plan had already fully paid since 1998 but i have no communication w your counsellor….She’s already out of the country…Here’s my CFP NO – 85076

    Thaks @ rgds,

  4. To Pacific Plans, Inc. My Pacific Plans number is CFP 10146943 cremation CFP 10147305 Presidential Casket would like to know the status latest of my plan its fully paid both fully paid April 2004.
    Ricardo Abasolo
    p;s reply.

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