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Events 100 Reacts to Astoria Post

Posted in travel,visayas by yangiwei on March 6, 2010
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Got this email from Trish, in reaction to Astoria gives away Bora GCs:

“Hi [yangiwei]. Thanks for the blog entry. I hope you don’t mind if I correct a few points. =)

For my Carnation Food Tour blogger friends who didn’t attend but confirmed their attendance, I heard from the PR Assistant that you can still get your GCs. – I was advised by the head of Events 100, the team who organized the event, that only those who attended will get their GCs. I will double check this information and will get back to you on this one.

I referred Michelle and Kuya Rey (or did she know him from the Carnation Food Tour?)  to Patricia “Trish” Tan of Megapublishing, whose events department handled the affair last night. – I know Sir Rey from the Carnation Food Trip. It was her daughter Phoebe who referred her dad to attend on her behalf. =)

I referred Hilda to Appetite Associate Editor Annie Z. Nisce for the Carnation Food Tour, but Hilda said that she knew Trish from the Blog Awardsbefore the Tour. – I am not the Trish Hilda was referring to. Apparently, we just happened to have the same name. =)

I hope you can also feature Astoria’s new logo and their vision behind it and also more about their newest venture which is Astoria Boracay. Thank you so much! Have a happy weekend!

Trish =)”
You’re welcome, and thanks for your detailed email, Trish.  Are you part of Events 100?  Thanks for the direction, too.  To be honest, I still don’t know how to transfer video from my Ixus to my Acer.
BTW, Trish, who made Astoria’s new logo?
I think that Hilda said that she signed up at the Megapublishing booth at the Blog Awards, so it might not have been you per se who she knew.
Aw, too bad about my blogger friends, if they don’t get the customized GCs!  Was planning to invite them to another event, where we could reserve our tickets online simultaneously!  But then, I would understand Astoria or Events 100‘s policy on showing up for the GCs, as it would set a precedent.

I was surprised to see that Astoria was booked on a Thursday night.

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