San Juan to Makati

Astoria Plaza gives away Bora GCs

Posted in travel,visayas by yangiwei on March 5, 2010
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I took the Shaw-Gold Loop route. Parking on Escriva, after the driveway.

Thanks to Cathay Land, specially my ICA classmate and Ateneo batchmate Ms. Vivian Anne Yao “VAY” Siy-Ng, VP-Operations, for the 3-day, 2-night stay gift certificates for the bloggers who attended “Bloggers Night” last night.  For my Carnation Food Tour blogger friends who didn’t attend but confirmed their attendance, I heard from the PR Assistant that you can still get your GCs.  The injaneros 🙂 are Nuff Nang Awards finalist Jehzlau and Maki, who topped the Carnation food tour-Batangas google and yahoo searches, Dexter Matilla of the Inquirer (whose Fb status says that his HK flight was delayed), and Karlo LicudineBilib ako ke Jehz, he texted me a “woot” about the GCs, while I was still at Astoria, after I had said goodbye to my Ateneo classmate Hilda Kapauan-Abola (I learned from her last night that she was a Philippine  Blog Awards finalist, her husband Star columnist Exie Abola (from whom I learned the term “camwhoring“), Michelle Martinez of mrsmartinezravesandrants, her friend Cherry, my Carnation Food Tour kabarkada Kuya Rey Ramos and his wife Mrs. Ramos.  I referred Michelle and Kuya Rey (or did she know him from the Carnation Food Tour?)  to Patricia “Trish” Tan of Megapublishing, whose events department handled the affair last night.  I referred Hilda to Appetite Associate Editor Annie Z. Nisce for the Carnation Food Tour, but Hilda said that she knew Trish from the Blog Awards before the Tour.

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  1. Hilda said,

    “Hilda said that she knew Trish from the Blog Awards before the Tour”

    Do not trust my memory about things like that — I don’t. 😉
    I thought they got my name and email because I signed up at their booth during the Phil. Blog Awards.

    See you again soon, you irritatingly young-looking girl! 🙂

    • yangiwei said,

      So nice of you to say so, Hilda! Funny, I was just thinking yesterday of how irritating you were in college, getting those high grades in English!

    • yangiwei said,

      Mutual irritation society tayo, HIlda!

    • yangiwei said,

      Hilda, here’s an email that I got from my classmate Nina Terol Zialcita, another “irritating” girl because she said that she’s old na, because she graduated ten years ago from Ateneo:
      ‘Hi everyone!

      I received a message from When in Manila’s Vince Golangco, asking me to spread the word about this event on Sunday:

      “Please invite your friends to the Philippine Expat OFW Blog Awards. With dinner served for media and bloggers. Event starts at 6PM with pre-event interview with celebrities and stuff for bloggers at 5:30. Dec 27, Sunday, at the Philam theater at UN Avenue, Manila.”‘

      So the Blog Awards was after the Carnation Food Tour, which was on November 25-26. So introduced you to Ms. Annie before the Blog Awards.

  2. mrsmartinez said,

    Hello! I left early and I was not able to get my gc sayang! xoxo

    • yangiwei said,

      Why don’t you try contacting Trish?

      • mrsmartinez said,

        I did! I got the gc already thanks xoxo

      • yangiwei said,

        That’s great! And fast, I’m glad!

  3. jehzlau said,

    [yangiwei’s real name] ikaw ba to? 😛

    • yangiwei said,

      yup, ako to, Jehz, but I don’t put my real name here.

    • yangiwei said,

      Bakit, Jehz, ilan bang tao ang tinex mo? Spoke with my friend. Sa resto affair where I’ll invite you guys, we can get our tickets online at the same time.

  4. maki said,

    I was at the podium comforting a friend kaya di ako naka astoria :'(..hay

    • yangiwei said,

      Hay talaga, Maki! Inimagine ko ng magkatabi ang mga kwarto natin, sabay tayo magbre-breakfast ng grupo! Tapos kodakan nanaman ng sunset saka sunrise! Tapos ire-ready ko na ang mga lyrics ng mga kanta for our vijoke, pati cards for Texas Hold ‘Em!

      You were so near pa naman. Sana nag-excuse me ka ng sandali (How do you say that in Pilipino? Not puslit, forget the term.) Michelle the blogger brought her non-blogger friend, and Kuya Rey brought his wife along with his SLR. So you could have brought your friend along. Maski sad sya, kakain ka ren? Ay, lesson sa atin yan, bastat Astoria event!

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