San Juan to Makati

Concept One Fire

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I went from Greenhills Shopping Center to M. Paterno, where I took this photo of the smoke. Concept One is on Santolan corner Pasadena. A passer-by on M. Paterno said that even the house beside Concept One, on the Pasadena side, is also on fire. She said that firemen could only hose the Pasadena and Santolan sides since the other side was the river.  I noticed the smoke from Greenhills at 1:40. At 1:30, the fire was not visible from M. Paterno. I had already paid my parking fee but could not get out of the parking lot outside V-Mall. INext time I won’t leave Greenhills anymore as I was just stuck in traffic until almost 3 pm and the area was smoky even with closed windows.

The Inquirer said that it is near Xavier School. Yes, it is about 3-4 blocks away. It is also about 4 blocks away from Robinsons Magnolia.

As of 4:22 pm, M. Paterno to Santolan is passable. Theoretically.


San Juan Police and Barangay Won’t Act on Troublemaker

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My friend blottered a guy who had jumped up to my friend’s fence and rang the doorbell repeatedly. The police told her that the guy is a “siraulo.” My friend said that he is of sound mind, as she submitted photos of him crouching to hide from her when she took his photo. He also changed slippers and clothes, and is not dirty like the typical siraulong taong grasa.

When I went to my friend’s house, I saw the guy. I did not remember his face from the photo, but the way he was crouching was the same as in the photo.

I took photos of him while my friend called the barangay and the police, who told her to call back when he climbs up their fence again.

The guy spoke with a woman, who pressed her face against my car and knocked on my window. I honked my horn a few times until she went away. I should have kept my hand on the horn to disturb the peace, so the neighbors would complain to the barangay or the police.

When I drove away and looked at the guy, he yelled at me.

What the guy and his lady friend did to me, wouldn’t that constitute harassment?


Obyus bang nagtatago?

My friend Vinchy suggested that my friend report the matter to 117, which was out of service from her Globelines phone. I suggested that she call the number using her wireless PLDT.

Fire near Betty Go Station

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Photo taken at 5:46 pm.

6:25 pm: An Andrea Condominium guard told me that the fire had been put out.  I could still hear sirens wailing, but could only see smoke, which covered a bigger area than when there was a fire.

The fi

5:46 pm: Firefighters are trying to put out an  in an old building near the Betty Go-Belmonte LRT station on Aurora Boulevard, near Balete Drive.

On my way down the Andrea elevator, I meet a Pinay, her Caucasian boyfriend or husband, her two kids.  The Caucasian said that they were watching the fire now.  It took me a while to realize that they were driving to the fire.

The view from Andrea.

Ortigas Center Cities

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What part of Ortigas Center is Quezon City?  Mandaluyong?  Pasig?

I want to know because I thought that Robinsons Galleria was in Quezon City.  But when I dropped off my friend  on the ADB Avenue side, I got a ticket from Pasig City.

I’ve gotten tickets from Guadalupe, Makati, Makati CBD, Camp Crame/Aguinaldo/EDSA, and the worst tubos system is Pasig’s.


Sentosa Singaporean Restaurant at Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center.

I once had to line up on a plant box outside a window of an office near ULTRA.

My worst experience happened around January last year, when I forgot that I had driven the UVVRP car.

I went to the lot near Barrio Capitolyo, where Club Gymnastica and a rock-climbing place was.  It had been moved to some far, far away place.

We went through what looked like a junkyard to get to the venue.  No elevators like in Makati’s munisipyo where I got my PTR.

There were not enough chairs at the venue, so it was good that I had brought two plastic stools.

There was no queuing system.  I remember that there was a warning about people stealing your driver’s license so don’t put your license in the box.

A jeepney driver type urged me to queue my ticket but the lady in charge told me not to.  He went ahead and put his ticket in ahead of me.  When I yelled at him, he reasoned out that it was because I did not put in my ticket.  I said that I was told not to.


I have brought this stool to wait for my license, and watch a Blue Eagles Bonfire.

My cousin-in-law came running out and told the people in charge that their system stank.

I asked the backroom people if my license was indeed there, and got expedited, which meant that I waited only half a day.

I wish that Pasig would use Metrobank like Quezon City does, like when I was pulled over at EDSA between the Camps.  No need for office overhead, same amount of revenue.

APEC 2011 Numbers

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According to APEC agent NY, the Claims Office has moved to Chatham House and the phone numbers are: 856-40-62 to 64 local 147 or 148.

Ateneo College 86 Fund-Raising

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Got this email from Kiril Caral:
COLLEGE BATCH OF 1986 – 25th Anniversary Homecoming

Thanks to Lenlen's thesis mate Maripaz Ortiz and Kiril Caral for providing this photo.

Ms. [yangiwei]
AB Communication 1986

Dear [yiw],

Twenty five years ago, we graduated from college, calling ourselves the EDSA Batch. This year, we celebrate our freedom as the Silver Jubilarians for the 2011 Ateneo de Manila University Alumni Homecoming, by establishing the Ateneo College 86 Freedom Fund to raise Php 3.1 million. Your batchmates invite your kind support, as a prominent, respected, and successful alumnus of our batch, to contribute to this fund that will help four beneficiaries:

1. The Ateneo Scholarship Foundation (ASF). The ASF supports the next generation of Ateneans who are less privileged and require assistance to enroll in the Ateneo and achieve their potential as future leaders and men and women for others.

2. The Mision de la Compania de Jesus for the Elderly and Infirm Jesuits. This is our way showing our gratitude and appreciation to the  selfless and tireless Jesuits who dedicated their lives to our education and development as Ateneans.

3. The Maria Lena Buhay Memorial Foundation, Inc. (MLBMF). Dedicated to the memory of our friend and batchmate, Lenlen Buhay, the MLBMF established the first oral school for hearing-impaired preschool children.

4. The Kythe Foundation. Kythe implements the Child Life Program which promotes optimum growth and development for sick children especially those with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Attached are brief descriptions of the beneficiaries and donation mechanics. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kiril Caral (ABEco) at +63917 820 3384, Minette Navarrete (BSME) at +63917 813 3376, or Tony Abad (ABEco-H) at +63917 521 0820.

Thank you very much for your invaluable support. Your generous contribution will go a long way towards sustaining the tradition of excellence and leadership of the Ateneo.

Yours sincerely,

Kiril Caral Vince Concio
Chair, Organizing Committee Co-Chair, Organizing Committee
Minette Navarrete Tony Abad
Co-Head, Fundraising Committee Co-Head, Fundraising Committee or

Attached:  The Beneficiaries, Donation Guide, and Donation Form

I can email the forms to the interested parties.

M. Paterno Motorcycle Accident

From the time that our maid Kim heard a boom, the police were on the scene in about four minutes, she said.

About four months since an M. Paterno car accident, another accident happened around the same part of M. Paterno.

After the police arrived, Kim estimated that Rescue arrived about five to six minutes later.--8:30:40 pm.

Kim said that she heard that the motorcycles tried to avoid a jeep.

Rescue came from the N. Domingo direction.--8:33:10 pm.

I had heard sort of a bang.  I thought that a rickety truck had hit a pothole.

Kim said that the guy in fatigue shorts lifted the motorcycle off the rider.--8:33 pm.

Then our maid Caymen told my dad that there was an accident.

Kim said that Rescue slashed the semi-conscious man's pants, maybe to check for injuries.--8:35:06 pm.

Kim said that she did not see our neighbors call anyone.  She thinks that the passing motorcycles had gone to the police station at the corner of M. Paterno and Alfonso XIII.

The injured man moved a bit but did not seem conscious.--8:37 :46 pm

Like what our neighbor Boopsie Erana said after the last accident, there should be humps on M. Paterno.  Or those lines that slow down vehicles.  What do you call them?  Speed cushions?

As the area around the injured man was dark, I was afraid that he would get run over.--8:38:08 pm.

What about a speed limit?

Someone tried to stop Mr. Fatigue Shorts from pulling the motorcycle off the rider.--8:38:54 pm.

It doesn’t help that the street light that we lost from the last car accident has not been restored and the next street light was on and off, said our maid Meya.

Why are there so many accidents this year on M. Paterno?--8:39:10 pm.

ASUY said that the reason why there are so many accidents is that the road is now smooth asphalt unlike before, when it was dirt and pebbles.

This is the street light nearest the accident.--8:47:26 pm.

M. Paterno is the Commonwealth of San Juan.

Chips, what happened to the claim?--8:47:45 pm.

Fire Engine Photos

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One of the top searches of San Juan to Makati this week is ‘fire engines photos.’  So I’m posting more of my San Juan fire photos here.

On Paterno corner Ledesma. Dapitan Volunteer, Talayan QC. 4:58:06 pm.

Note that the fire engines with the Paterno corner Ledesma street signs are in the same frame as the house that was on fire.

Volunteer Fire Department's Engine 1, Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

First at a Fire

Meralco, San Juan fire department, then Meralco, then engineering, looked at the post, if I remember correctly. Photo taken: 1:30 pm.

Electric sparks from a post outside our house last April 5 made me think of the 187 M. Paterno fire.  Thanks to former resident DS for giving me the address.

L to R: Fire Fighter Group hotline 16016, San Juan National Capital Region Bureau of Fire Protection. 4:56 pm.

Who do you call when a fire breaks out?

The sticker says, 'Emergency dial 522-22-22. ' Photo taken at 4:57:03 pm.

Who were first to arrive?  I don’t know what time each fire department or organization was called, but I thought I’d come up with a list of fire trucks that were within the same frame as the house on fire.

Engine 1 donated by Mr. & Mrs. Daretto (?) Sy. Mandaluyong Fire Station numbers: 532-24-02 or 21-89. 4:57:09 pm.

Incidentally, painted over Engine 190 of the DILG Bureau of Fire Protection are the words, ‘If this vehicle fails to respond in 5 minutes within your AOR call or text the regional director BFP-NCR Smart: (0908)660-9247  Globe: (0927)794-5721.’

Stickers: First Fire Rescue, Fire Brigade & Communications Group Inc. 1977 367-9720 hotline.

I assume that AOR means area of responsibility?

PLDT and Globe showed up the next morning. Photo: 3:49:30 pm.


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I think that Tian Di was the best part of the tour for all of us.

I’ve decided to go to Immunizers instead of Mercury Drug for my

Immunizers' 2011 flu vaccine expires on December 2011, said Hannah. Photo taken yesterday.

because EFY waited a couple of hours at a Mercury Drug then gave up when the doctor didn’t show up.  He was there before the appointed hour.

We entered through the main door and exited through the basement door.

According to Hannah of Immunizers who took my call, Immunizers is open on Mondays to Saturdays, 9 am to 5 pm and I don’t need  an appointment.  As per my pulmonologist Dr. Agra‘s advice, I asked Hannah for the expiry date of Fluarix, which she pronounced as Floo-wa-riks.

This is my second time to go to Tian Di, but only the first time to photograph it.

The Immunizers number that I used is (632) 727-2865.   It is beside Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant, which used to be Harbour City until a typhoon–was it Milenyo?–blew its sign to Wilson come.

Too bad the best room was locked up.

Incidentally, I included Immunizers and Hai Kang in my April 10 tour of San Juan which I gave to Nasi Lemak consultant HK Tan, Myke Soon and his girlfriend Nix Manalang Angeles.  HK said that I should give the tour for

P 2,000 per person.  Cool!

Anyway, I pointed out to HK that San Juan is a good place to put up a restaurant as:

1. The residents have so much dispensable income, Immunizers can afford a Piolo Pascual ad (Incidentally, I have been trying for months to take a photo of the billboard but was never caught in traffic in the area during daylight.)

2. Most residents don’t like going outside San Juan.

3. Some residents only like Asian food.

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